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New Contract to be signed on August 3, 2017

The  new contract between UHPA, the University of Hawaii, and the Governor will be signed on August 3. This will formalize the tentative agreements on all language and EUTF contributions for faculty members. The salary increases now must be requested by the Governor to the Legislature for approval. There are two possible avenues for the funding to be approved: Special session If there is a special legislative session convened it is possible for the legislature to approve the salary increases so that [...]

2017-07-26T16:32:28-10:00July 27, 2017|Contract negotiations, Frontpage, Newsletter|

Time to Restore Fairness to Public-Sector Employees

(Note: this op-ed originally appeared in the Star Advertiser on 7/6/2017 "Bill needed to protect UH faculty from abuse by employer") University of Hawaii faculty members do not wake up each morning thinking about how they can purposely give their students a bad learning experience or intentionally misuse research funds that have been entrusted to them. But the state of Hawaii and UH administrators, who collectively make up the employers of the faculty, seem to believe this. Even our state’s chief executive, [...]

2017-07-06T07:19:30-10:00July 6, 2017|Frontpage, Newsletter, Opinion|

SB 410 Designed to Raise the Bar of Accountability

By UHPA bargaining team: UHPA President Lynne Wilkens, UHPA Bargaining Team Chair Karla Hayashi, Amy Nishimura, Glenn Teves and Matthew Tuthill Who's accountable? When the University of Hawai‘i (UH) leadership gets itself in deep kimchee and manages to grab the headlines, alumni and others cringe. It’s the same pattern: legislators start to ask questions and restrict funding that unfortunately affects programs, faculty and, most importantly, students and research that benefits our state. Do we cry afoul? No. Does anyone demand heads roll? [...]

2017-07-06T07:13:14-10:00July 5, 2017|Frontpage, Newsletter, Opinion|