Dear Governor, I’ve brought in $10 million in research funding. #deargovhi @govhawaii

Dear Gov Ige:

I’ve brought in $10 million in research funding during my years at UH. Your offer of a 1% increase is insulting. Should I seek another job on the mainland where I could make 20% more?

Best Regards,
M. H.

Dear Governor, we want to keep our local kids here for college. #deargovhi @govhawaii

Aloha Governor Ige,

Please work with UHPA to help keep the university faculty ranks strong. We want to keep our local kids here for college, but how can we compete with mainland universities that are able to retain their best faculty and have world-class facilities?

Mahalo for getting involved in collected bargaining.

Assoc. Prof. D. B.

Detailed explanation of the calculations in our response to the State’s offer on 4/23

The Negotiating Team created a document and spreadsheet to further explain the numbers referred to in the email sent to the membership on Sunday 4/23 regarding the governor’s offer and our response. The button below goes to Google documents shared to your account and if you have any technical difficulties please follow these 3 steps.



Executive Director Kristeen Hanselman interviewed on KHON about our 4/23 rejection of the Governor’s offer

The relevant excerpt from this KHON story: More raises likely following teachers’ contract agreement, but how will the state pay for them?

“The bargaining team is willing and able to meet at any time, but we were quite firm that the offer that is on the table does not satisfactorily meet the needs of our members,” said UHPA executive director Kristeen Hanselman.

Hanselman says the latest offer from the state did not even come close to what the members want, so it seems unlikely that any agreement will be reached before the end of the Legislative session.

Hanselman says the state offered two percent for the first year starting in July, followed by another 1.2 percent in January. With no agreement in sight, any pay raises agreed upon will have to be funded by lawmakers at next year’s session.

Watch the segment on YouTube:

Dear Governor: I want to stay. Please help it to be possible. #deargovhi @govhawaii

As a Kanaka Maoli scholar, I believe that Hawaii is the place I need to be to do work that matters for my people. I made a conscious choice to be here, but it was not without difficulty. I’ve lived in the US continent for 15 years prior to my hire at UHM in large part because of the cost. We need competitive salaries and benefits so that choosing to be in this place is not a hardship. I want to stay. Please help it to be possible.

Dr. N. Reyes


Dear Governor, it’s hard to keep the commitment strong when I struggle to pay my bills. #deargovhi @govhawaii

As a faculty member I am not feeling valued by our Governor. We work very hard for very little compensation by the state. It is hard to keep the commitment strong when I struggle to pay my bills. Other colleges within and outside of Hawaii are willing to pay me more for what I do.

H.N. from Hawaii Community College

UHPA Honors Faculty Heroes with Full-Page Ad

To make a big statement, sometimes you have to make a big splash.

UHPA placed a full-page ad to honor UH faculty in today’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser and to support our negotiations.

The ad is a way to remind the community about the significant contributions of UH faculty and their ongoing role to improve the lives of Hawaii residents. The ad underscores how UH faculty touch the lives of everyone in the community by teaching students or conducting groundbreaking research that protect the environment, support food security, or enhance our health and wellbeing.

Watch Executive Director Kristeen Hanselman on PBS Insights

On April 21, 2017 INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAI‘I: “Bargaining Power” show aired and you can watch via YouTube. Our Executive Director Kristeen Hanselman was a guest on the show and  made several important points regarding how the faculty bargain in contract negotiations. We highly recommend you watch.


UH faculty penned over 130 postcards to Governor Ige. Add yours now.

Faculty across all UH campuses statewide that attended our “Bargaining Enlightenment” presentation took action by participating in a postcard writing campaign. Over 130 cards were completed on the spot and turned in.
Cards are being sent to the Governor every week and we’re posting inspirational examples of postcards on our website.
Want to participate? Contact our office and we’ll take care of the rest. This is a simple yet effective campaign that makes it easy to let your voice be heard.

Dear Governor: we are putting our children at risk #deargovhi @govhawaii

As a teacher to Hawaii’s teachers it is a calling and commitment to Hawaii’s keiki to have staff informed, dedicated, and hold the professional ethics code, “Above all do no harm to children.” Without highly qualified staff we are putting our children at risk.

Fund UH faculty and invest in Hawaii’s future.


Brenda W

Early Childhood Faculty, Hawaii Community College