What Goes Into a Congressional Candidate Endorsement?


The interviews with congressional candidates covered a broad spectrum of issues including:

  • Federal funding for academic programs and research as well as student financial aid;
  • The role of accrediting agencies; and
  • The erosion of employee rights across the nation and in Hawaii

You can rest assured that UHPA’s Political Endorsement Committee conducted a rigorous interview process of the candidates before making any recommendations for endorsements. Click here for a list of endorsed congressional candidates.

You can watch the interviews of those who agreed to be videotaped by viewing the YouTube Playlist:


What Goes Into a State Legislative Candidate Endorsement?


The UHPA Board of Directors has a designated Political Endorsement Committee, composed of faculty from various UH campuses, to review state legislative candidate positions and conduct interviews with candidates to formulate endorsement decisions.

It is important to note that UHPA did not make endorsements in all races.

The Political Endorsement Committee pulled no punches and asked pointed questions in different categories:

  • Reinstating tenured positions
  • Affordable housing for younger faculty
  • Pension and healthcare contributions
  • Collective bargaining rights

Click here to view a list of endorsed candidates.