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University of Hawaii Professional Assembly Endorses Abercrombie for Governor

In their discussions with Abercrombie, the faculty Directors found that his history with the University of Hawaii and his dedication to education in our state combined in a unique way to qualify him for endorsement as Governor.  Noting that teaching and research were the core missions of the university, Abercrombie made it clear that Hawaii’s economic future is intimately connected to the future of the UH system. The quality and competitiveness of tomorrow’s workforce depends directly on the investment we make today in higher education.

The UHPA Board of Directors likewise noted that Abercrombie both believed in and demonstrated the fundamental values that have been at the core of Hawaii’s social contract for the last 50 years.  The UHPA stands with Neil in his commitment to equal opportunity for all of Hawaii’s residents and a strong, vibrant economy that both honors and protects Hawaii’s unique environment and history.  In short, his advocacy for education—both higher and lower—and his dedication to a sustainable Hawaii, through responsible economic growth make him the most qualified candidate for governor of our state.