UHPA had endorsed Linda Lingle three times for governor.  The first
endorsement was over incumbent Ben Cayetano in 1998, over Mazie Hirono,
then lieutenant governor, in 2002; and finally against former State
Senator Randall Iwase in 2004. UHPA endorsed Ed Case early in his U.S.
Senate campaign, making its first public endorsement for him in February
this year.

The new TV spot’s voiceover reads:  “Who knows Linda
Lingle?  UHPA does… We endorsed her for Governor three times…That was
when she was a moderate.”

Despite communications promulgated by the Lingle campaign claiming
that she reaches across the aisle and promises to approach issues with a
bipartisan perspective, UHPA believes otherwise.

“But make no mistake…The new Linda Lingle will vote with the
conservatives,” the TV spot continues.  “We can’t let Lingle’s
conservatives take away our seat in Washington.