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Terminated Tenured Position Fiasco Gets National Attention

We came across “Hawaiʻi Legislature Terminates Tenured Professor’s Position” over at TheScientist that is worth reading, though if you’ve been following our Monday Reports, there’s nothing new in there. That said, it’s got some good quotes from UHPA Executive Director Christian Fern, among others like:

“When has the legislature turned into the employer? Is it the Senators’ job to determine whether or not a particular faculty member is meeting his or her expectations?”

UHPA Executive Director Christian Fern on TheScientist

Even UH spokesperson Dan Meisenzahl seemed to agree that what happened could be problematic:

Meisenzahl notes that the university collectively bargains with three public unions, including the UHPA, and “to have the legislature start to fire people, so to speak . . . it does compromise the university’s position as a hirer and employer, as we sign and agree to contracts with our unions.”

The article is a quick, easy read that’s worth sharing.