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Negotiations Resumed on May 23rd

At its April 2008 meeting, the UHPA Board of Directors
authorized the submission of proposed changes to the collective
bargaining agreement which expires June 30, 2009. The State will
be represented by its Chief Negotiator, Marie Laderta, and the UH
spokesperson will be
 Sam Callejo, UH System
VP for Administration.  The UHPA Directors appointed Executive Director
J. N. Musto as the union’s Chief Negotiator. 

The proposal is lengthy and wide-ranging; reflecting the
knowledge and experience captured during a remarkable six year period.
It seeks to address areas where the contract was less effective;
resolve new issues that have arisen; and identify a different way to
approach salary.

There have been hours spent by the Collective Bargaining Committee
evaluating the current agreement, soliciting suggestions for change
from the membership, and determining the best course of action to meet
the needs of the bargaining unit.

In light of the economic, political, and academic climate a decision was made to seek a two-year contract.

2008 Summary of Contract Proposals