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Faculty Representatives Attend Briefing on Status of Negotiations

UHPA Faculty Representatives were briefed on the current status of contract negotiations.  Over a hundred faculty members participated in this system-wide UHPA leadership meeting.  The agenda featured presentations by Dr. J.N. Musto, Chief Negotiator and Executive Director, Karla Hayashi, CBC Chairperson, and members of the Bargaining Team.  Faculty Senate Chairs were invited to participate.

The effective presentation included a power-point presentation of the Second: Last, Best, Final, Offer  which Faculty Representatives were encouraged to share with ALL FACULTY MEMBERS.  

Participants were also informed by Duane Stevens (President)  and Adrienne Valdez (Treasurer) of the formation of a “Faculty Rep Advisory Committee” (FRAC) to develop future Forum Agendas for Board consideration.  Committee members include: Board of Directors Robert Cooney (UHM), Joel Peralto (Hawaii CC) Rick Randolph (Kauai CC), and Adrienne Valdez (UHWO); Faculty Representatives Ruth Horie (Manoa), Steve Herr (Leeward CC), Peter Rappa (Kauai CC), and Jeff Zuckernick (Kapiolani CC).  Faculty Representative Committee members to be confirmed at the next UHPA Board of Directors’ Meeting.