On June 14, 2007 Executive Director Musto received a letter from OCB Chief Negotiator Marie C. Laderta advising us about the State’s position on the necessary rate adjustment for BU07 members.  This has lowered monthly premium rates for the Kaiser Comprehensive Plan and the EUTF (HMSA) Supplemental Plan (self & family plans only).  For those already enrolled in these plans, the Employer-Union Trust Fund (EUTF) staff will work to ensure that the premium revisions are made prior to the 7/13/07 payroll.  In addition, the EUTF Board has authorized a special open enrollment for BU 07 members who want to enroll or change to one of these plans as a result of the revised employer/employee contributions.  The dates for this special open enrollment have not been set yet, but we will inform the faculty through an individual mailing as soon as the information is available.