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Multi-tier Premium Rates for Health Insurance

The Employer Union Trust Fund, composed of representatives from the public sector unions and the state employers,  underwrites the health insurance for all public employees in the state.  The Trustees will be discussing alternative rate structures for the payment of health insurance premiums.  

UHPA has historically encourage increasing the number of premium rates so that  faculty members only needing to cover two parties do not need to pay for full family coverage.

 Currently, the only options are either single coverage or full family. The alternatives would include a three or four rate structure. Some faculty members have indicated that they would like a two-party rate, which would be less expensive than having to take full family coverage. The HGEA has opposed that alternative in the past since they represent more public employees who would need full family coverage than those who only require two-party coverage.

We would like your input. Please take the time to respond to this brief survey.  Remember that additional premium rates will cause the rate for full family coverage to increase.

 A meeting will be held with the EUTF administrator, Jim Williams, and the employee organizations to discuss these options on September 26th.