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“Lost Paychecks” for Hawaii CC Faculty

Notice to Hawaii Community College Faculty

December 19, 2006

“Lost Paychecks”

 Yesterday evening, it came to the attention of UHPA that paychecks and pay stubs for Hawaii Community College faculty members were not received on the 15th.  It appears that the checks were mailed by the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) but they were not received in Hilo.  Although the post office is attempting to trace the location of the checks, it appears that it has not left the Island of Oahu.


UHPA efforts to get either DAGS or the University of Hawaii to issue special checks to the faculty indicates that there would be a delay, which would mean that faculty members who were due actual paychecks would not receive them in time for Christmas.  This does not affect any faculty member whose pay is directly deposited into a bank or credit union or some other financial institution.  Therefore, UHPA will provide checks (net amount due) for faculty members who have not received them, pending the re-issuance of these paychecks by DAGS.


If you fall into this category and are not receiving a direct deposit of your paycheck and wish to have a short-term loan from UHPA, please call us collect at (808) 593-2157.  UHPA will see that these checks are delivered to Hilo by Friday, December 22, 2006.