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FacFAQs: When Did the Base Increases Really Happen?

Associate Professor of Sociology and 9-month Instructional faculty member at Mokihana College, Dr. Ying, was perusing the 2009-2015 contract, and found the following language: “Effective July 1, 2014, all Faculty Members shall have their base salaries increased by three percent (3%).” He recalled the finance officer at his institution saying that, for 9-month faculty, this raise actually was effective on Aug 1, 2014, and payable on Aug. 20, 2014. What’s the deal?



The salary increases for faculty on 9-month appointments are effective August 1 of the respective year since the duty period for 9-month faculty runs from mid-August to mid-May (the academic year.)  The salary for Dr. Ying’s 9-month appointment is paid out over 12 months.  What confused Dr. Ying is that he receives paychecks through the summer even though he’s off duty.  Those salaries have already been earned.  Even if Dr. Ying resigned or retired on June 1st, he would be paid through August 1st to receive his full wage.  However, those salaries would be for work done in the prior academic year.

If Dr. Ying had been on an 11-month appointment, he would have a duty period from July 1 through June 30, therefore the new fiscal year salary increase would be applied on July 1st.