UHPA received the following (unedited) message from HMSA that may be of interest to our members:

We are now past the halfway point of 2021, and a return to normalcy is right around the corner. With the state slowly reopening and travel resuming, it has never been more important to feel safe. Here at HMSA we know this includes getting the care you want, when and where you need it. We created a video for your members to learn about HMSA’s extensive network and access to care. It can also be viewed at hmsa.com/eutf

To show our members all the different ways care is available to them, this video answers questions like:

– Where can you go for care outside of normal office hours?

– What kind of care can you receive on the outer islands? What about outside of Hawaii?

We hope this video will give your members peace of mind that they will always have access to the care they need.