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NameMalia Nobrega
Campus, DeptDeanʻs office Hawaiʻinuiākea
CategoryProducing a daily show called Lei Anuenue, organizing speakers and interviewing them on fb live. Creating Hawaiian language and culturally based lessons for eveyone.
Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination?Malia Nobrega Olivera has risen to the position of Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement & Loli Aniau, Makaʻala Aniau (LAMA), because of her 20+ years of experience in Hawaiian language, and cultural practice, and her broad social networks in local Hawaiian and global native communities. Her expertise bridges analog Hawaiian knowledge systems into digital mediums. Her work on Lei ʻĀnuenue is invaluable during this time when Hawaiians above all other communities are particularly vulnerable to the virus. The daily programs have been viewed between 5,000-10,000 times per session.
Any other comments?Mahalo for your work.

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