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Lawrence Nitz Nominated as Faculty Stepping up to the Challenge of COVID-19

Submitted Nomination:

NameLawrence Nitz
Campus, DeptPolitical Science
Categorycontributing to safe reopening of Hawai’i’s economy
Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination?Dr. Nitz is working on a project to generate guidelines for the safe re-opening of Hawai’i’s restaurants. This project contributes both to food security by calling on local sources and to economic recovery.
Any other comments?Dr. Nitz has a long history of conducting research with practical benefit to local communities. He recently received the College of Social Sciences award for applied research for his years of work toward an end-of-life care program for the state. His research resulted in the recent creation of a pilot program by the state legislature.

Please note that this published nomination has been minimally edited, if at all, and strictly reflects the views of the submitting author and not UHPA.

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