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Ken Leonhardt and JP Bingham nominated for producing hand sanitizer

Submitted Nomination:

NameKen Leonhardt and JP Bingham
Campus, DeptCTAHR
CategoryCreate bio-based products to reduce the spread of COVID-19
Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination?“The two have been working together to produce hand sanitizer. Ken has donated over 70 pounds of aloe with another 50 pounds on the way. Jon-Paul cooked this up into 80 gallons of sanitizer. But they are just getting started, with their eyes on aloe plants throughout Oahu which will be sustainably harvested to meet the needs of frontline nurses and doctors treating Covid-19. Ken’s advice to us all: “Be kind, drink beer, and wash yo hands!”‘

Please note that this published nomination has been minimally edited, if at all, and strictly reflects the views of the submitting author and not UHPA.

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