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Kawena Komeiji nominated for creating a check-in app for students visiting the library

Submitted Nomination:

NameKawena Komeiji
Campus, DeptUHWO, Library
CategoryPutting themselves in harms way
Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination?Kawena Komeiji worked collaboratively with our IT Department to create a check-in app for students who still needed to visit the library in person, on March 23rd. She also created or improved on innovative technology platforms for students and faculty to use as they work from home, and she created a comprehensive list of resources for the larger community to access during this crisis.
2nd Nomination reason: Dedication and reporting to work before closure of the library, Kawena Komeiji collaborated with the IT Department on creating a check-in app for students. She also worked diligently to ensure students and faculty would have access to resources as they worked from home; she also worked swiftly to create various community based resources to keep the larger community informed.

Please note that this published nomination has been minimally edited, if at all, and strictly reflects the views of the submitting author and not UHPA.

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