Submitted Nomination:

Name Ethan Caldwell and Richard Rath
Campus, Dept Mānoa, Department of Ethnic Studies
Category Dedication to teaching and their students
Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination? Two Ethnic Studies faculty members, Prof. Ethan Caldwell and Prof. Richard Rath, have worked collaboratively with the students in their classes since late March to construct a well-used webpage ( of resources in rapid response to the needs UH students and the larger community faced as a result of the crises brought on by the pandemic. In the month of April, the resources had 4,795 visitors with 67% spending time on the pages they visited. One user who is involved in UHM’s First Year Program said, “I’m so thankful for the ethnic studies department for making the site.” The resources were driven by what our UHM students, many of whom have lost their jobs and are struggling with housing and health issues, identified as useful for themselves and their communities. Based on the principles of mutual aid, the resources directed those who visited the pages to up-to-date information about a range of topics including how to access food and groceries, mental health resources, unemployment insurance, assistance for restaurant workers, and relief from student debt. The most visited resources cover mental health, food and groceries, work-related issues, safety, and supports for elders.
Any other comments? Both faculty members have also responded as individuals to the many concerns that have been raised and extended their own personal help to students who needed extra assistance beyond access to the resources on the website.

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