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Dr. Richard Jones Nominated as Faculty Stepping up to the Challenge of COVID-19

Submitted Nomination:


NameDr. Richard Jones
Campus, DeptUH-West Oahu
CategoryCreate bio-based products to reduce the spread of COVID-19
Why is this faculty member worthy of your nomination?Dr. Richard Jones, V.E.T.S. program director is collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and community partners to create 3D-printed face shield headbands and face masks in an effort to address a shortage and need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for Oʻahu’s front line medical workers. For the past 6-weeks, Dr. Jones has been busy supporting Queens-West Medical with their PPE needs.

I know Dr. Jones has been spending an average of 6-hours a day (six days a week since March 19, 2020) making sure the 3D-printers in the V.E.T.S. Lab at UHWO are functioning properly and resupplying the filament needed to create each item. So far, he has produced over 400 face shields headbands on the 3D-printers, 100 N95 Facsimile Face masks, and 40 pleated cotton surgical style masks. Dr. Jones has also donated 36 pairs of protective eye covers/safety goggles and loaned out his UV sanitizing cabinet for goggles and safety glasses. He continues to coordinate with Queens-West to make sure supplies are distributed quickly. Dr. Jones is worthy for this award due the endless time he has committed to helping others.

Please note that this published nomination has been minimally edited, if at all, and strictly reflects the views of the submitting author and not UHPA.

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