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Your Letter of Hire: Now you see it, Now you don’t

UHPA filed an appeal in Circuit Court challenging the Hawaii Labor Relations Board order addressing Letters of Hire. In the meantime, UH Manoa Interim Chancellor Bley-Vroman has issued a “Clarification of HLRB’s Ruling on Letters of Hire,” which ironically affirms UHPA’s position. It is clear the University of Hawaii has no qualms choosing which letters or parts of a letter for hire to honor or not honor. The MRI purchasing decision was made in 2012 and now the administration claims there’s no money? When faced with budget deficiencies, the UH now places the blame on a faculty member. Faculty members should be concerned about the whimsical nature of UH meeting its obligations.


This recent move inspired us to create a message below you might share with faculty considering employment at UH:




Now you see it, now you don’t.

You’ll be amazed at the University of Hawaii
administration’s magical wizardry.
Terms and conditions in your letter for hire
suddenly disappear.

You’ll swear the things
they promised were in there.
The UH administration will even try to
make you believe those terms and conditions
were never real to begin with.

Don’t be cast under a hypnotic spell.
Consult an attorney before agreeing to
join the University of Hawaii faculty.