The gubernatorial race presents an opportunity for us to determine the future of the University of Hawaii.  Our future as faculty is in our own hands.  That is why the UHPA Board of Directors voted to endorse Neil Abercrombie for governor in March 2010.  Neil is the only gubernatorial candidate who truly understands the mission of the University of Hawaii, particularly the need to provide the necessary resources to be a world-class teaching and research institution and an important economic engine for our state.  He is one of us, having served as a faculty member at the University of Hawaii-Manoa.  After serving in Congress for the past 20 years to help bring federal funds into our state to support education, he is back home and ready to serve as governor to lead our state at a critical time.

Today, UHPA is launching a TV and radio campaign to support Neil’s run for governor.  Click on the following link to see the first in a series of TV commercials that is running on selected stations:




Click here to view the press release.