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UH-Manoa Fire: Documents Destroyed

Although UH payroll forms, vendor receipts, and student loan documents were destroyed in the fire, the payroll checks and disbursements to all faculty members and staff, on all the campuses of the UH System, will be distributed on time, February 17th (February 20th is a holiday).  The data had already been sent to the State Department of Accounting and General Services for processing before Sunday’s fire. The administration has kept UHPA and the other unions informed of the situation, and they believe there is a sufficient time between the February 17th payroll and the next scheduled payroll on March 5th to recreate the necessary information so that there will be no interruptions in the issuance of paychecks.

Obviously, there will be delays as the result of the relocation of a significant number of UH staff attached to the office which was destroyed.  As more information becomes available, we will keep the faculty notified.  If you have any specific difficulties or problems with payroll related issues, faculty members can contact UHPA.