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Important Manoa Faculty Alert – time sensitive!


The Union is requesting your immediate input.

The current language reads, “Collaborative research and joint and shared publications may be the norm in some fields or disciplines. Applicants in such fields or disciplines should provide Department Personnel Committees and Department Chairs with documentation that such is the norm to aid the review process.  The significance of such work within the discipline or field should be described to assist the review.  Both 1) the proportion of time among given tasks and functions in research or publication should be described to aid the review process.  Co-author or researcher concurrence or an independent report on such contributions is needed to aid in review.”

The Administration has proposed language which would insert at the end of the first sentence “in such cases departments ideally have included a discussion of authorship conventions—including the significance of authorship order—in their policies and procedures.”

Proposed Amendments to “Criteria and Guidelines for Faculty Tenure/Promotion Application”.  Highlighted changes appear on pages 7, 8 & 9.  Proposed changes seek to clarify existing language to be retained.

All comments are welcome.  You are invited to address your e-mail to James D. Kardash , Ph.D., Associate Executive Director at

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.