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Who are the UH Regents?

Monthly Op-Ed post by UHPA President David Duffy The University Regents hire and fire the President and have “jurisdiction over the internal structure, management and operation of the university.” The President is the executive officer and the Regents operate through him and he in turn is responsible for the various chancellors who are responsible for […]

Hiring more Kānaka Maoli faculty

By David Duffy, UHPA President. UH has as one of its goals increasing the representation of Native Hawaiians or Kānaka Maoli as faculty in the university They can serve as role models and add to the breadth of opinions and expertise within disciplines and across campuses. How is this best done? UH could grow its […]

So you want to run the university like a business? Try making nice to the faculty.

By David Duffy, UHPA President. In most businesses, it is elementary that a motivated work force is a productive one Motivations can be financial, social or even minatory.  Businesses pay well and reward performance with bonuses, pay raises and corner offices. Medals and promotion are the currencies of the military. Unfortunately too many universities seem […]

Science’s Sexual Assault Problem

A. Hope Jahren, a faculty member at UH makes the point that in encouraging girls to go into science we ignore the downsides that women in science frequently experience. “They need to know that daring to act upon their dreams of science can be both a beautiful and a dangerous thing.” Read the article