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Faculty Voices: Dear Governor2024-02-23T14:05:52-10:00

Faculty Voices: Dear Governor

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Dear Governor, We need to do what we can to keep educational quality if we expect Hawaii students to remain here. #deargovhi @govhawaii

1. We need to do what we can to keep educational quality if we expect Hawaii students to remain here. 2. We have suffered greatly from this in the 23 [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this campaign?

We the faculty are sending hand-written postcards to the Governor’s effort to assure our voices are clearly heard, in our own writing.

What’s the point and will it work?

We hope our campaign is a reminder that we are real people making reasonable requests. Our campaign helps the Governor and others see how their decisions can affect the quality of education. It will work if you get involved!

Does the Governor actually receive these cards?

While we cannot yet confirm he himself has read the cards, individual pieces of mail, like postcards, must be registered by his office and we feel this is an effective way to cut through electronic filters. We are confident the cards are reaching his office and we hope that he reads them.

How can I send a postcard?

Come in person to our offices to fill out the card and then give it to us. We’ll mail it and capture for republishing on our website and social media so you can inspire others to contribute!

What if I just want to post on Facebook and/or Twitter?

You’ll notice that all postcards published on our website go to Twitter with #deargovhi and also to our Facebook page. You can do the same but unless you mail the postcard, it defeats the purpose of the postal mail effect and its registration at the governor’s office.
When you participate in the physical postcard campaign, you get both: social media impact AND a direct message to the governor.