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Report of the Joint Committee on Community College Teaching Equivalencies

As a part of the negotiations that lead to the Article IV. FACULTY PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND WORKLOAD, the standard teaching assignments for full-time instructional Faculty at all Community Colleges was reduced from 30 Semester Credit Hours per academic year, to 27 Semester Credit Hours.  In addition, the parties agreed to review, evaluate, and recommend the application of teaching equivalencies for instructional activities not solely based on SCH, e.g., vocational courses, science laboratories, and art studios, and also the teaching equivalencies granted for non-instructional activities, e.g., faculty governance, curriculum development, and department or division chair duties.  These teaching equivalencies do not apply to those Faculty whose primary duties, i.e., student counseling or librarian, that are non-instructional.  The teaching equivalencies address the instructional aspects of BOR Policy 9-16.

The CC TE Report includes two Appendices, one describing the instructional teaching equivalencies, by campus and individual, for the 2010-2011 academic,  and the non-teaching equivalencies for the same academic year.  It is the committee’s recommendation that these reports continue to be aggregated for each campus as the new policy is implemented. One of the most important aspects of the Committee’s work was discovering the differences and variations between campuses in the allocation of teaching equivalencies, and continued transparency can only further the refinement of the policy in future years.

UHPA is also including a Petition that was signed by a number of science faculty members from various campuses and sent to Vice President Morton last November, prior to competition of the Joint Committee’s Report in late January.  The members of the Committee spent a significant amount of time discussing the request that science lab clock hours be counted as a 1:1 ratio with Semester Credit Hours.  In the end, there was no consensus within the Committee to acceptance of the 1:1 ratio, although as a function of the change in the standard teaching assignment to 27 SCH per academic, the laboratory teaching equivalencies were increased by 10%, as were other clock hour based instructional activities, e.g., culinary arts.  This required  a recommendation that would allow for the banking of teaching equivalencies, including fractional counts, until they equaled the full reduction of a course, or the payout of the banking if course reductions were not feasible.

It is expected that Vice President Morton will write a Teaching Equivalency policies consistent with the recommendations of the Joint Committee.

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