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Joint Admin/UHPA Contract Committee on Teaching Equivalencies


On April 10th, the first meeting of administrators and faculty on the CC Teaching Equivalency committee met.  The meeting was quite productive, and the parties agreed as a first step to recommend to that Vice President Morton accept a new proportional relationship between contact hours and credit hours, for programs such as laboratory and vocational classes, based on the reduce academic year standard of 27 credit hours per academic.  The next meeting is scheduled to May 6th.  The committee must present it’s final recommendations no later than December 31, 2011. Hopefully, a comprehensive agreement can be reached well before the deadline.

In March, Vice President Morton sent a memo to all CC Chancellors which was distributed to faculty members on some campuses.  Dr. Morton’s letter caused some confusion over the question of the impact of new teaching equivalency standard of 27 credit hours.  UHPA Executive Director J. N. Musto has responded to that letter with a clarification of the relationship of teching equivalencies to the 27 credit hour workload standard.

The UHPA members on the Joint Committee are:

Joel Peralto, Hawaii CC

Derek Oshiro, Honolulu CC

Sharon Rowe, Kapiolani CC

Richard Randolph, Kauai CC

James De Ste Croix, Leeward CC

Benjamin Marquez, UH Maui College

Leticia Colmenares, Windward CC

J. N. Musto, UHPA


The UH administration’s representatives on the joint committee are:


Noreen Yamane, Hawaii CC

Erica Lacro, Honolulu CC

Louise Pagotto, Kapiolani CC

Ramona Kincaid, Kauai CC

Michael Pecsock, Leeward CC

Suzette Robinson, UH Maui College

Richard Fulton, Windward CC

Sandra Uyeno, Ofc of VP for Community Colleges