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“Ask a Working Woman” Survey

What do you do if you have to take time off work to care
for a sick child or parent? Does having children put you on the mommy track?

Unequal pay. Family and medical leave. Spiraling
health care costs. Juggling family and children plus a full-time career.

Hardworking Americans face these issues every day.
But all too often, women especially don’t have the resources or support to help
meet these challenges.

That’s why AAUW has joined with Working America,
the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, to conduct a nationwide survey of what
it’s like to be a working woman. If you’re a working woman, that means YOU. And
if you’re not a working woman, forward this email to your sister, your mother,
your coworkers, and your friends to make sure their voice is heard.

The results from this survey have never been more
important. Women’s rights and labor organizations will use the results from
this survey to advocate for women across the country over the next two years.
Your voice matters. We want to hear from you (or the women in your life).

Take Action!

Your opinion matters! Please take a moment to complete the “Ask A Working Woman” survey and share your thoughts and experiences:  

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about the Working Woman Survey:   

AAUW members recognize and are proud of the important gains women have made and remain steadfast in the commitment to creating a level playing field for all women and girls. For more information, see AAUW’s position papers on pay equityfamily friendly workplaceswomen and Social Security, and affirmative action.

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Thanks for helping lead the way for women in the workplace. Together we can make lasting change.

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