Faculty teaching half-time or more are included in Bargaining Unit 07 (BU07). UHPA is the exclusive representative of BU07. Membership in UHPA is by choice. To become an UHPA Member, you must complete and submit a membership application. Dues are 1% of a BU07 member’s base salary, which will be deducted from your payroll. In addition, $10.09 per paycheck will be deducted for UHPA’s affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), all of which will go directly to AFT. A BU07 member will be a Non-Member if a membership application is not submitted within the 90-day deadline date from their date of hire. Applying for membership in UHPA after the 90-day deadline date will result in payment of back dues.

UHPA (Active) Member Non-member
Complete & Submit a Membership Application
Eligible to Vote
Hold Office
Serve on UHPA Committees
Participate in UHPA and AFT Member Benefit Programs
Receive a free $20,000 term life insurance policy provided through Pacific Guardian Life
Represented by UHPA at the bargaining table
Represented by UHPA in grievance processing
Eligible to Object to PAC Fund Allocation