Since faculty are critical to the success of the University of Hawaii system, UHPA is inviting faculty members to participate in the FTLS. The officers of the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) have planned a series of conversations amongst the faculty on various campuses to allow an opportunity for a broad, new discussion on the future of our profession.

Now We’re Talking…

People Are Paying Attention, and we need YOU!

Reserve now for JABSOM on 10/25/2013

Faculty are critical to the success of the University of Hawaii system. We’ve  known that all along. And now the officers of the University of Hawaii Professional  Assembly (UHPA) are making sure others know it, too.

For too long, our future and the fate of the UH system have rested in the hands  of those who may not always have had the best interests of the UH in mind. Who  better than the faculty knows what has been working and what isn_Ñét working on  our campuses and in the classrooms to make UH a better place to teach, conduct  research and offer community service? It_Ñés time for faculty voices to be heard.

Faculty Thought Leadership Series

UHPA will launch the Faculty Thought Leadership Series to capture your thoughts and constructive advice for all to see — the UH administration, lawmakers, media  and the general public. All faculty, including those on the neighbor islands, are  important, so our first live, interactive discussion will take place on Maui, followed by UH West Oahu. A light lunch will follow the events.

Taking Transparency to a New Level

Now more than ever, people are demanding more transparency in UH operations.  UHPA officers are leading by example.

During each Faculty Thought Leadership Series session, we_Ñéll capture faculty suggestions and post them on Ideascale, a tool used by other leading universities across the country. Look for your ideascale invitation via after you RSVP and follow the developments at You_Ñéll also be able to continue the conversation on the various issues raised after the session.

UHPA Social Media #uhftls

Part of the Faculty Thought Leadership Series includes 2-way interaction on social media. Use the hashtag #ftls across all social media. Will broadcast recordings of individual sessions at each campus. Instant conversations and notifications on select UHPA Ideascale topics. Like our page, stay up to date, and tell us what you think!