R-02, BOR Policy 9-15, Evaluation of BOR Appointees

Section 9-15 Evaluation of Board of Regents’ Appointees

a. Board of Regents’ appointees will be evaluated periodically in accordance with the guidelines below and the specific procedures developed by the appropriate administrative offices to implement this policy. These performance evaluations shall be conducted in order:

(1) to provide assurance to the University and its constituents that professional staff resources and particular areas of expertise are being used to the best advantage;

(2) to provide for the systematic recognition of excellence and develop incentives for superior performance; and

(3) to provide means for the improvement of performance in furtherance of the University’s mission.

b. In recognition of the special role of the Faculty in the academic mission of the University, procedures for periodic review of Faculty performance must provide safeguards for academic freedom and shall provide the opportunity for participation of Faculty peers in the review process. Accordingly, each Chancellor, in consultation with appropriate Faculty governance organizations, shall develop procedures for such review which incorporate these principles. The procedure shall include a requirement for evaluation of every Faculty member at least once every five (5) years, and may provide for exempting Faculty who have undergone a review for reappointment, tenure, or promotion, or who have received a merit salary increase during this period. Faculty review procedures shall be submitted by the Chancellor for approval by the President.

c. Administrative, Professional, and Technical (APT) employees shall be evaluated at least once every three years according to procedures approved by the President.

d. Employees in the Executive and Administrative/Managerial classification shall be evaluated annually as specified in Section 9-14.

e. For any campus which does not have an approved Faculty review procedure development in accordance with Section b. for implementation in academic year 1981-82, Faculty shall be evaluated according to procedures approved by the President. These procedures shall remain in effect until procedures developed in accordance with Section b. are approved and implemented. (Oct. 16, 1981)