A. Official personnel files shall be maintained for each Faculty Member. Personnel files will be kept and maintained in accordance with Administrative Procedures A9.075 (see R-16 of Reference Section) Personnel Records.

Official personnel files shall be maintained in the following places:

1. For the University of Hawaii at Manoa, in the Offices of the Deans/Directors;

2. For the University of Hawaii at Hilo, in the Offices of the Deans, and the Office of the Director of Libraries;

3. For UH-West Oahu, in the Office of the Dean of Faculty; and

4. For the Community Colleges, in the Offices of the Chancellors.

The Employer shall inform the Union of the location and name of the custodian of the official Faculty personnel files. The Employer shall also notify the Union whenever the Faculty Member’s file is moved to another location.

B. The Faculty Member, upon request, shall be permitted to examine the official personnel files referred to in this Article during normal business hours, in the presence of a representative of the Employer, provided, however, any letters of recommendation solicited in connection with the initial employment, and subsequent statements of reference marked confidential, shall not be available to that Faculty Member.

C. A Faculty Member shall have the right to submit written additions or responses to the material contained in the official personnel files. The Faculty Member may submit information relating to academic and professional accomplishments for inclusion in the Faculty Member’s official personnel files. No anonymous material shall be placed in the official personnel files.

D. Derogatory material in the official personnel files concerning a Faculty Member shall be destroyed five (5) years after being placed therein. Materials relating to professional performance and employment status shall not be destroyed.

E. Upon request, the Faculty Member shall be provided copies of any material in the Faculty Member’s official personnel files intended for use in connection with a grievance involving the Faculty Member.

F. The Employer shall provide a Faculty Member with material from another Faculty Member’s personnel file if it deems that such material would be relevant to the processing of a Faculty Member’s grievance and the provision of such material would not impair the confidentiality of the personnel file. A Faculty Member requesting material from such other personnel file shall identify each item with specificity. The Employer shall also require the written approval of the other Faculty Member as to each item requested prior to releasing copies of same.

G. A Faculty Member who is furnished material requested from the Employer shall reimburse the Employer at the rate of $.50 for the first five (5) sheets and $.05 per sheet thereafter.