R-10, BOR Policy RP 12.205, Patent and Copyright Policy

RP 12.205 Patent and Copyright Policy

Note: Due to the repeal of Chapter 20-3, Hawaii Administrative Rules, effective May 20, 2017, University of Hawaii Regents Policy RP 12.205 Patent and Copyright Policy is being adopted as a provisional policy to meet the University’s compliance obligations while it develops its related Executive Policy and consults with various stakeholders, including the exclusive collective bargaining representatives under Chapter 89, HRS, and its academic and research community under current academic governance processes.

I. Purpose

To set forth policy regarding patents and copyrights.

II. Definitions

No policy specific or unique definitions apply.

III. Policy

A. The principle is hereby recognized that there are usually three interests involved in connection with research work and invention performed in the university by or under the direction of the research and teaching staffs of the university. These three interests are represented by the research worker or inventor; the university; and the general public whose taxes or gifts support the university. If the research is financed wholly or in part by an outside agency there exists an additional interest.

In general, these interests are best served by immediate publication and dissemination of the results of the research. In some cases, however, the interests of all are best protected and furthered by patenting the discoveries and inventions resulting from the research, subject to procedures or restrictions contained in specific agreements with a federal or other agency sponsoring or funding the research.

B. Copyrights. This policy is designed to cover copyright of books and other copyrightable materials under the laws of the United States or international copyright agreements.

Except for works produced or written for hire, any copyrightable material produced by a member of the faculty or staff of the university shall be the exclusive property of the author. The author may register the copyright or dedicate the work to the public, subject to any restrictions imposed by sponsoring or funding agencies not under university control.

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no policy specific delegation of authority.

V. Contact Information

Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, telephone number: (808) 956-5006; and email ovpri@hawaii.edu may be contacted for information relating to this Regents Policy.

VI. References

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EP 205 Administration of the Patent and Copyright Policy