R-19, Memorandum of Understanding on Lecturer Status in the Bargaining Unit

Upon request of the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, the University Administration, through the official custodian of records on each campus, shall provide a report that identifies which Lecturers have been hired by a unit, defined as the Department, Division, or other level at which the hiring decision is made, to teach a sufficient number of credit hours to be in the bargaining unit for a minimum of eight (8) semesters in the last seven (7) consecutive years.  Credit hours taught as a Lecturer and regular Faculty Member shall be considered for this determination.  If there are courses to be taught in the unit, such Lecturers shall be offered a one (1), two (2) or three-year (3-year) contract based on seniority, which is to be determined by the number of qualifying semesters as described above.  Subject to availability, such Lecturers are to be offered contracts which provide them with the minimum number of credit hours to place them in the bargaining unit.

The Employer is not obligated to provide contracts to Lecturers where it is determined that they have performed poorly.