R-19, Memorandum of Understanding on Childcare and Childcare Leave

The parties recognize that the availability and accessibility of affordable and quality childcare for employees, as well as, adequate childcare leave is of mutual concern. Therefore, immediately upon ratification of this Agreement, a Joint Committee shall be established to review and determine whether there is adequate and accessible childcare available for employees in a reasonable proximity to all the Employer’s campuses, and to develop proposals, concepts, and plans on addressing childcare and childcare alternatives to address this concern. The Joint Committee shall also be charged to review the concept of childcare leave beyond the provisions of Article VI, Leave of Absence Without Pay, Section F. Family Leave, and to determine whether such contractual leave is sufficient to address the concerns. The Joint Committee shall be comprised of three (3) representatives appointed by the UH President and three (3) representatives appointed by UHPA. The Joint Committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the Employer and the Union by January 1, 2017.