A. Duly certified staff representatives of the Union shall be permitted on University premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of conducting official Union business such as investigating complaints and grievances that have arisen and to ascertain whether or not the Agreement is being properly administered. The Union agrees that such visitation rights shall be exercised reasonably and also shall not interfere with the normal operations of the University.

The Union shall provide the Employer with a list of duly certified Union representatives and maintain that list currently.

B. The Union may use the University’s meeting facilities for Union meetings upon request to the Employer, subject to the Employer’s policies and procedures.

C. The Union shall be permitted to use the University mail services for the purposes of intra-campus distribution, subject to the Employer’s policies and procedures.

D. The Union may use audio-visual equipment in connection with official Union meetings, provided that the equipment requested is not otherwise in use, and provided that the Union shall reimburse the University the normal charges for the use and services connected with the use of such equipment.

E. The Union may use duplicating machines of the University on the following basis:

1. The Union shall be assigned at least one (1) auditron to be designated by the Employer. The Union shall reimburse the Employer for the normal charges connected therewith.

2. On those campuses where the machines are not equipped for operations with auditrons, the Union may make reasonable use of a comparable machine to be designated by the Employer, upon request and when the machine is not otherwise in use. The Union shall reimburse the University for the use of such machine at the same rate as the Union would for the use of the auditron-equipped machine on the Manoa Campus.

3. The use by the Union of the machines authorized herein shall not interfere with or interrupt normal University operations.

F. The Union may post bulletins and notices on official bulletin boards pertaining to official Union business. All such postings shall be made over the signature of a certified Union representative, who shall furnish copies of all postings to the Employer at the time of posting, for the information of the Employer.

G. Upon written request of the Union, the Employer shall provide information which is necessary to represent its membership adequately, provided the information is available and is not confidential.

H. Any Faculty Member elected or appointed to a Union office will, if such office requires a full or half-time service in the exercise and discharge of its duties, be given a leave of absence, either full or half-time, without pay pursuant to Article VII, A., not to exceed one (1) year at a time.

I. All matters affecting employee relations, including those that are, or may be the subject of a policy promulgated by the Employer, are subject to consultation with the Union. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to consult with the Union prior to effecting changes in any major policy affecting employee relations.

J. The Employer and the Union agree to adhere to the Roles and Consultation Protocols Involving UH Administration, UH Professional Assembly, and UH Faculty Senates (see R-20 of Reference Section).