[Duplicated text of APPENDIX T]

R-01, Appendix T, Temporary Disability*

Sick Leave Policy for Faculty Members of the University of Hawaii

August 1977
Every eligible Faculty member of the University of Hawaii, including Community College Faculty, not covered by an approved sick leave plan shall be entitled to receive in the aggregate, a minimum of three (3) calendar weeks of sick leave. Should a Faculty member be entitled to earn and accumulate sick leave by any other policy, he shall be entitled to the number of days necessary to aggregate a minimum of three (3) calendar weeks by this policy.

Coverage under this policy shall extend 14 days beyond the termination of the appointment period and shall include leave required due to complications arising from pregnancy or its termination thereof of any eligible appointee unless equal coverage is provided by any other sick leave plan or Temporary Disability Insurance Plan.

Approved by Board of Regents
September 16, 1971

*NOTE: This policy was approved by the Board of Regents for all eligible Faculty members of the University of Hawaii to comply with the requirements of the State’s Temporary Disability Insurance Law.