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Jarrett Keohokalole for House District 48

As an alum of the UH Manoa (2006, Journalism) and the William S. Richardson School of Law, I fully understand the importance of making sure that Hawai’i maintains a quality higher education system.  Throughout my campaign, I have made a point of emphasizing that I want our state to be a place where families can […]


Ken Tanaka* works for DaBest Community College as an Assistant Professor. After skimming through “Salaries” section of the ratified Tentative Agreement slated to begin on July 1, 2015, Ken is upset. Having been hired in 1994, Ken was only able to negotiate the minimum salary, and currently makes $60,000 a year. Now the new hire […]

Marilyn B. Lee for State House District 36

As the mother of a college professor who works at a public university, I understand many of the issues facing University faculty. The University of Hawaii is vital to the prosperity of our state, and to the preparation of informed, involved citizens. The University is first and foremost an academic institution. If elected, I will […]