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Demystifying Facts From Fiction

Graduate Assistants Claim 80% of Undergraduate Students Are Taught by GAs While UHPA supports the right for all public employees to have the ability to collectively bargain under the State’s collective bargaining law, statements that go unchecked can lead to unintended consequences that impact other parties. Most recently, Academic Labor United (ALU) claimed that 80% of all undergraduate students [...]

February 28, 2024|

UH Budget Reductions – Our perspective

It goes without saying that starting your workweek with the news headline that State Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, Chair of the powerful Senate Committee on Ways and Means, had issued a directive to all State departments to reduce their budgets by 10% and 15% to cover the costs incurred for the extensive Maui wildfire response efforts was very troubling [...]

February 27, 2024|

Research Must be a Top Priority

Our UH Faculty Have Spoken University of Hawai‘i faculty believe providing more support for research to maintain the UH’s R1 institution status should be a top priority for the next University of Hawai‘i president, according to an electronic poll taken by the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA) from Feb. 5 to 13, 2024. UH Is One Of The Few [...]

February 15, 2024|

Salary Research

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UHPA has been the exclusive bargaining agent for all faculty members of the University System since November 1, 1974 with uninterrupted service ever since.

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UHPA negotiates the faculty contract, ensures terms of the contract are enforced, and works to protect the rights of faculty members.

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