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Why UHPA Endorses David Ige

David Ige knows the importance of an affordable college education.  After graduating from Pearl City High School, he applied to the University of California at Berkeley, MIT and other schools known for their engineering programs.  Ige was accepted at those schools, but didn’t tell his parents because he knows the cost would not be affordable for them.

Instead, Ige went to UH Manoa, where he received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in decision sciences. His personal character, the quality education he received from the UH, and the 34 years of experience he gained as an engineer in the private sector allowed him to be an effective leader in the Hawaii State Legislature. Ige ended his role in the legislature in July 2014 to run for governor.

While serving as chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Ige had been an ally of the University of Hawaii and a supporter of the faculty.  He proactively reached out to UHPA and the faculty to seek our perspectives on issues affecting the UH.

UHPA looks forward to working closely with Ige over the next four years.  The faculty’s new two-year contract includes an across-the-board 4% pay increase each year. It also raises the minimum salaries and clarifies workload issues for our colleagues in the community colleges.  However, these contract terms are contingent upon approval of funding for the contract in the next legislative session.