May 2008 Board Notes


The actions taken at the Annual Membership meeting were reported to the Board of Directors.  As of April 24, 2008, there were 3,064 active UHPA members.  The quorum requirement is 10% or 306 active UHPA members.  The results of the vote taken to repeal UHPA’s Constitution as announced at the Annual Membership meeting:  419 or 89.7% in favor of the repeal; 48 or 10.3% against the repeal.  A total of 467 valid ballots were received.  The Constitution was declared repealed.

The results of the vote on the Resolutions to amend and
restate the Articles of Incorporation and to amend and restate the
Bylaws of UHPA taken at the Annual Membership meeting were reported.  Active
UHPA members were given the option to cast their vote by way of proxy
or to complete a written ballot at the annual meeting.  UHPA received 395 proxy votes and 1 written ballot vote.  Of
these, 364 or 92.15% voted in favor of the resolutions (included blank
votes), 31 or 7.85% voted against the resolution (included any
abstentions), and there was 1 spoiled ballot.  The
Resolutions on the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and
the Amended and Restated Bylaws of UHPA were declared approved.  They
would become effective upon the filing of Articles of Amendment with
the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.



As a result of the Resolutions that passed at the Annual
Membership meeting, the election of officers and approval of membership
of the Executive Committee needed to be acted upon by the Board.  President
Chernisky conducted the nominations and elections process since new
committees and charters for those committees had not yet been confirmed
by the Board.  Additionally, there would not be an
election for the Office of President since President Chernisky was
still serving his initial two-year term.  Lengthy
discussion ensued on the procedures for the election of officers,
specifically to vote by a show of hands versus voting by secret ballot.  Directors passed a motion to
approve the recommended nominations and elections procedure with
amendments to vote by secret ballot and that the nominees may remain
present during the discussion

The following officers were elected by the Board of Directors.  Their terms begin immediately and they serve for one year or until their successors are elected.

Vice President……………………………… Adrienne Valdez, UH-West Oahu

Secretary…………………………………….. Karla Hayashi, UH-Hilo

Treasurer…………………………………….. Ming-Bao Yue, UH-Manoa

The Board of Directors elected J. N. Musto, UHPA Executive Director, as an officer of UHPA.  According
to the Bylaws, his term is for five years without limitation on the
number of terms and he serves as an ex officio member on the Executive
Committee and Board of Directors without vote.

To serve on the Executive Committee, the President, Vice
President, Secretary, and Treasurer needed to be elected by the Board
of Directors.  Since the Executive Committee consists of
seven Directors elected annually from among the Board Directors, three
at-large positions needed to be filled.  As a result of these elections, the UHPA Executive Committee members for 2008-2009 are:

President………………………………. Joseph J. Chernisky, Leeward CC

Vice President…………………….. Adrienne Valdez, UH-West Oahu

Secretary…………………………….. Karla Hayashi, UH-Hilo

Treasurer…………………………….. Ming-Bao Yue, UH-Manoa

At Large………………………………… Brenda Cartwright, UH-Manoa

At Large………………………………… Richard Nettell, UH-Manoa

At Large………………………………… Nandita Sharma, UH-Manoa



Due to the increase in travel costs, a motion was made to
give exception to the current NEA Representative Assembly delegate
stipend policy, which would allow six additional people to be able to
receive up to the $800 stipend pursuant to the stipulations of the
policy should they attend the NEA RA meeting in Washington, DC
.  Discussion
indicated that this issue was after the fact and it would not be fair
for those who may have considered being a delegate.  The motion did not pass.



President Joseph Chernisky referred Directors to his annual report, which may be viewed online at



Associate Executive Director Jim Kardash informed Directors
that included on the agenda for the October 25, 2008 Faculty Forum will
be representatives from the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and the
2010 Constitutional Convention will be a topic for discussion.



Executive Director and Chief Negotiator J. N. Musto informed
Directors that formal negotiations for Bargaining Unit 7 will be held
on Friday, May 23, 2008.  He offered UHPA as a place to meet.  UH
President McClain has informed him that all communications regarding
collective bargaining should be directed to Vice President Sam Callejo.



Directors reviewed the proposal and then unanimously passed a motion to approve the “Charge to Chief Negotiator” dated May 10, 2008.



In their review of the proposed Charter for the CBC, Directors
approved an amendment to paragraph two, Appointment and Term of the
Committee.  Directors passed the motion to approve the Charter for the Collective Bargaining Committee dated May 10, 2008 as amended.  To view the CBC Charter, go to



Directors passed the motion to confirm the appointment of Karla Hayashi (UH-Hilo) as the Chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee.

Directors unanimously passed the motion to confirm the appointments of Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), James De Ste Croix (Leeward CC), David Duffy (UH-Manoa), Earl Hishinuma (UH-Manoa), Richard Morris (UH-Hilo), Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa), Derek Oshiro (Honolulu CC), Mark Rognstad (UH-Manoa), Sharon Rowe (Kapiolani CC), Glenn Teves (UH-Manoa), and James Tiles (UH-Manoa) as members of the Collective Bargaining Committee.


Directors met in Executive Session for about one and one-half hours on the matter of negotiations.  Directors passed a motion to approve the action taken during Executive Session.



Directors unanimously passed a motion to have the next Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, June 7, 2008.


Negotiations Resumed on May 23rd

At its April 2008 meeting, the UHPA Board of Directors
authorized the submission of proposed changes to the collective
bargaining agreement which expires June 30, 2009. The State will
be represented by its Chief Negotiator, Marie Laderta, and the UH
spokesperson will be
 Sam Callejo, UH System
VP for Administration.  The UHPA Directors appointed Executive Director
J. N. Musto as the union’s Chief Negotiator. 

The proposal is lengthy and wide-ranging; reflecting the
knowledge and experience captured during a remarkable six year period.
It seeks to address areas where the contract was less effective;
resolve new issues that have arisen; and identify a different way to
approach salary.

There have been hours spent by the Collective Bargaining Committee
evaluating the current agreement, soliciting suggestions for change
from the membership, and determining the best course of action to meet
the needs of the bargaining unit.

In light of the economic, political, and academic climate a decision was made to seek a two-year contract.

2008 Summary of Contract Proposals

Adminstrative Salary Update

The BOR decision came after testimony by JN Musto, on behalf of UHPA, protesting the lack of public disclosure on the retroactive “special “salary adjustment and the attempt to negate the tradition of faculty returning after a sabbatical to perform additional university service.

Adminstrative Salary Update

The BOR decision came after testimony by JN Musto, on behalf of UHPA, protesting the lack of public disclosure on the retroactive “special “salary adjustment and the attempt to negate the tradition of faculty returning after a sabbatical to perform additional university service.

Disclosure of UH Admin Salaries Sought

Attached is the testimony of Executive Director Musto given to the Board of Regents at its meeting on May 29th.  The testimony addresses the issue of general disclosure of excluded, executive administrative salaries and salary increases.  It also questions the retroactive special salary adjustment proposed for UH-Hilo Chancellor Rose Tseng, along with a one-year “professional development leave” that does not require her to return to UH.

Workers Need Help Picketing the Pacific Beach Hotel

The ILWU has asked for the help of the members of UHPA as they picket the Pacific Beach Hotel each day of Golden Week.

Pacific Beach Hotel workers voted to unionize almost 3 years ago and still don’t have a first contract after more than two years of continuous bargaining. When the owners of the hotel changed the company that managed the facilities, they required all employees, some with over 20 years of service,  to reapply for their jobs. Members of the negotiating team and other union leaders were not “rehired.”   Learn more at the website:

Unions from around the state have signed up to picket and demonstrate their solidarity with these workers.  UHPA is calling on our members to also participate.

Where: Pacific Beach Hotel, Waikiki, 2490 Kalakaua Avenue
(3 blocks ewa of Honolulu Zoo)

Date: Saturday, May 3rd and Tuesday, May 6th

Time: 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Parking: Easiest at the Honolulu Zoo or Kapiolani Park

ILWU workers will be picketing every day from May 1st through the 6th.  You can join the picketing at any time.  The support of the public and other workers is critical to resolving this dispute at this longstanding local hotel. Please give them some of your time and show your support!

View the Factsheet regarding the hotel’s labor history and current situation.

April 2008 Board Notes


The Board of Directors met in Executive Session to consider the grievance cases of two UH-Manoa faculty members.  One case concerned termination and the other related to the denial of tenure.  Directors confirmed the appeal of both cases to arbitration.



NEA Director Sally Pestana reported
the issue that received the most attention at the NEA Higher Education
Conference in Washington, D.C. was the increasing use of contingent
faculty at both two–year and four–year institutions across the U.S.  Because
the definition of contingent faculty varies from “less than half time”
to “full time, non-tenure track” the percentages quoted vary from 60%
to 70%.  That leaves only 30% to 40% full time faculty to
do student advising, committee work, and other non-instructional
responsibilities for the entire institution.

The negative consequences of such
high numbers of contingent faculty are staggering for the institution,
the students, and both the part time and full time faculty members.  Discussion of the ripple effects of high use of contingent faculty permeated almost every session at the conference.

According to UHPA statistics, UH system contingent numbers are far below the national average.  That is a credit to both the administration and UHPA for having reached contract language in the current 2003-2009 Agreement that
both provides job security to experienced lecturers and non-tenure
track faculty, while continuing to recognize the ultimate importance of
tenure in colleges and universities. . 



  • President
    Joseph Chernisky reported that there are currently 3,847 faculty
    members in Bargaining Unit 7, which is up significantly in recent years.  Of these, 3,057 are active UHPA members (card carrying union members) and 790 nonmembers.  As for UHPA’s contingent faculty, there are 133 active UHPA members and 170 nonmembers for a total of 303 members.  UHPA’s retired membership stands at 229.
  • He
    indicated that UHPA has a unique hybrid affiliation status with the
    Hawaii State AFL-CIO and National Education Association (NEA.)  The NEA and the AFL-CIO have a Labor Solidarity Partnership on the national level.  UHPA’s
    affiliation, however, is only with the Hawaii State AFL-CIO, and not
    the national AFL-CIO organization, making it a hybrid of that
    partnership. For more information about the national partnership, go to
  • In March, UHPA sponsored seminars put on by the TIAA-CREF non-profit annuity company.  As
    a follow-up, TIAA is offering “Personal Financial Counseling” sessions
    on May 7 and 8 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Imin Conference
    Center at the East-West Center on the UH-Manoa campus.  Members who are interested are advised to schedule their appointments by going to



Executive Director J. N. Musto reported
that the majority of his time this last month has been spent on
grievances and the contract proposal.  (Note:  The
Directors would later consider and approve the contract proposal from
the Chief Negotiator Musto and the Collective Bargaining Committee.)
  However, UHPA is also active in monitoring bills impacting the UH and the faculty before the state Legislature.

Associate Executive Director Kristeen Hanselman provided the status of bills being considered at the Legislature that include ŒS.B. 2263, the disclosure of administrative salaries in exempt positions; H.B. 2500 HD1SD1 regarding funding for repair and maintenance of UH facilities (see for more information); ŽS.B.1780, limits negotiated contracts to two years; and,  S.B. 2262 to repeal the sunset provision for HSTA’s VEBA program, that offers health insurance to HSTA members.  AED
Hanselman complimented Director Josh Cooper, Chair of the Ad Hoc
Committee on Special Projects, for his organizing a group of students
visiting the Legislature.  They met with legislators, UHPA staff and lobbyist, and provided testimony.  Director Cooper is enlisting students to do a Voter Registration Project.  There are 277,000 eligible student voters who are not registered.

Associate Executive Director James
Kardash expressed his appreciation to the Board of Directors and
Faculty Representatives who advised the faculty member to contact UHPA
early so that the staff was able to successfully counsel the individual
or provide an early resolution. 
has been monitoring questions that have been raised concerning
continuing faculty evaluations that are subject to five-year reviews.. 
wThere have also been problems with faculty members not completing the required sick leave forms.  When
a faculty member reports sick leave on Monday and Wednesday, the
administrative officers will assume that the faculty member was also
out of work the intervening Tuesday. In this case, faculty members
without a scheduled class on the Tuesday have not been reporting sick
leave days.  (Note:  There is a contract
proposal that was approved by the Directors that would specifically
only charge sick leave for the days the faculty members submits.    For information regarding sick leave, go to and 
Community Colleges in partnership with the Department of Education
(DOE) have a pilot project known as “Construction Academy” in several
of Hawaii’s high schools.  Similar to the goals of the
P-20 Council, this is to prepare high school students with the
necessary skills to pursue a career in the construction industry.  Students will be able to use credits they earn toward the degrees they seek in vocational and technical fields.  Hawaii CC, Honolulu CC, Kauai CC, and Maui CC are participants of the Construction Academy program.  UHPA is also investigating a number of issues with the evaluation of faculty members who work directly in the high schools.



Treasurer Ming-Bao Yue reported that UHPA has gone through 51.8% of its annual budget and we are in good financial standing.  She pointed out changes in the February 29, 2008 financial report.  Directors passed a motion to receive the Treasurer’s report and to refer it to the Finance Committee.



The Hawaii Great Teachers Seminar will be held at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on August 10-15, 2008.  Similar
to last year, the Executive Committee has recommended that UHPA support
the participation of UH lecturers that are members of UHPA through
grants that will allow them to attend the HGTS.  Directors unanimously passed the motion to
fund up to $4,000 for UH lecturers who have taught at least 8 credits
in Fall 2007 or Spring 2008 and were active UHPA members



The final draft of the Collective Bargaining Committee’s bargaining proposal were shared with Directors.  UHPA Executive Director Musto reviewed the document, section by section.  After much review and discussion, Directors unanimously approved the motion that the UHPA
BOD authorizes the CBC to submit the initial proposal for changes to
the current Agreement, with a demand to begin bargaining over a
successor contract, to the State of Hawaii, the Board of Regents, and
the President of the University of Hawaii.  The CBC and Chief
Negotiator are authorized to make changes in the language consistent
with the principles approved in the contract proposal

Directors passed a motion to
have the CBC put a summary of UHPA’s bargaining proposal on the website
and to provide updated reports on the progress of negotiations once
bargaining commences

Directors passed a motion to confirm the appointments of James De Ste Croix (Leeward CC), Karla Hayashi (UH-Hilo), Richard W. Morris (UH-Hilo), Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa), Derek Oshiro (Honolulu CC), Sharon Rowe (Kapiolani CC), and Glenn Teves (UH-Manoa) as members of UHPA’s Negotiating Team, and the appointment of Earl Hishinuma (UH-Manoa) as an alternate member.

Directors passed a motion to confirm the appointment of David Duffy (UH-Manoa) as a member of UHPA’s Collective Bargaining Committee.

(Note:  The Employer was notified that the entire CBC would be representing the Bargaining Unit 7 in the next round of negotiations.  The members, in addition to those above, include Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), David Duffy (UH-Manoa), and Mark Rognstad (UH-Manoa).

Directors passed a motion to reaffirm the appointment of J. N. Musto as UHPA’s Chief Negotiator for this round of negotiations.  (A. Valdez) The motion passed with two abstentions.



In the absence of Chair Duane
Stevens, UHPA Treasurer Ming-Bao Yue reported that the Finance
Committee met on March 24 with Mr. Alan Hirota of AES Design, the
architect firm assigned to do the modifications to the UHPA buildings.  He
informed them on the status of the building permit and answered any
concerns they had such as the cost of installing new lighting, which
would be a great savings in the future.  Directors were
also informed that the Finance Committee approved the transfer of
$20,000 within the Corporate Legal category, which does not require
Board approval.  Directors were reminded that if they
wanted the Finance Committee to consider additions for the next fiscal
budget, the deadline is Monday, April 14, 2008.



Chair Richard Nettell reported
that the endorsements agreed to by the Board of Directors last month
were presented to the active membership, who responded with a 79%
position to support the endorsements.



  • Chair Adrienne Valdez reported on the activities of the Nominations and Elections Committee. 
  • Directors were informed that the elections of officers and members of the Executive Committee would be conducted on May 10.  Since President Joseph Chernisky has an initial two-year term, there will not be an election for that office.  Only current Directors may vote and participate in this election.  Should
    a Director whose term on the Board ends on August 31, 2008 is elected,
    that Director’s position on the Executive Committee will also expire on
    August 31.  Another election to fill the vacancy would then be conducted at the Board’s September meeting.  Directors
    received the proposed Standing Rules for the Executive Committee
    Nominations and Elections Procedures and will need to approve them at
    the next Board meeting.  Chair Valdez declared that
    nominations were open for the offices of Vice President, Secretary,
    Treasurer, and three members at large on the Executive Committee.  Directors would also be notified electronically.
  • Directors
    were informed that UHPA needs 10% of the membership or a little over
    300 people to mail in their proxy forms in order to meet the quorum
    requirement to conduct the vote on the Amended Articles of
    Incorporation and Amended Bylaws.  She reported that as of April 12, 340 proxies have been received.  Several hundred ballots on the repeal of the UHPA Constitution have also been received.  These ballots will be counted after the deadline on April 24.  A two-thirds votes cast in favor will repeal the Constitution.
  • The nominations and elections for delegates to the National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly were done.  As
    a result, 13 people were nominated and declared elected by acclamation
    since the number of nominations received did not exceed the 21
    delegates UHPA is allotted.  Elected as delegates to the NEA-RA are Nina Buchanan (UH-Hilo), Jerome Comcowich (UH-Manoa), Robert A. Fox (UH-Hilo), Ruth Horie (UH-Manoa), Earl Nakahara (Honolulu CC), Sally Pestana (Kapiolani CC), Natalia Schmidt (Leeward CC), Jonathan Schwartz (UH-West Oahu), Gregory Shepherd (Kauai CC), Duane Stevens (UH-Manoa), Tom Stone (Kapiolani CC), Adrienne Valdez (UH-West Oahu), and Jeffrey Zuckernick (Kapiolani CC).
  • Nominations are currently open for Faculty Representatives in 67 Primary Academic Units.  Since
    the deadline to receive nominations is April 18, Directors were asked
    to assist the Nominations and Elections Committee in finding candidates
    for those constituencies without a candidate.  If there is only one candidate, an election will NOT be conducted and that person would be declared elected by acclamation.  If an election is conducted, it would be done electronically after April 18.
  • Directors unanimously passed a motion to approve the appointment of John Allen as the Faculty Representative for Primary Academic Unit 090, UHM Mechanical Engineering, effective immediately.  His term will expire on May 31, 2008.  Although
    he has agreed to run for the two-year term that begins June 1, 2008 for
    PAU 090, the Nominations and Elections Committee will get his
    confirmation.  Appreciation was extended to Director Amarjit Singh, who solicited his colleague’s service.
  • The Board of Directors’ election is complete.  There were only two contested races—the seat for Kapiolani CC and the at-large seats at UH-Manoa.  Elected to three-year terms beginning September 1, 2008 are:

HONOLULU CC:  Cory Takemoto, Assistant Professor, Development Studies

KAPIOLANI CC:  Sharon Rowe, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Dance

WINDWARD CC:  Leticia Colmenares, Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Natural Science

UH-Manoa Engineering, SOEST, Research, Institute for Astronomy:  Michael Mottl, Professor, Oceanography/SOEST

UH-Manoa LLL, SPAS, Hawaiinuiakea:  Ming-Bao Yue, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Literature

UH-Manoa Social Sciences, Social Work, Arts & Sciences, etc.:  Nandita Sharma, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies & Sociology/Social Sciences

UH-Manoa at-Large:  Catherine Chan-Halbrendt, Professor, Natural Resources & Environmental Management

UH-Manoa at-Large:  Robert Cooney, Professor, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii

UH-Manoa at-Large:  Vickery Lebbin, Librarian IV, Library Services, Hamilton Library

  • The Amended Articles and Amended Bylaws include an additional Board of Directors’ seat for Kapiolani Community College.  If these proposals are approved, the election for Kapiolani CC seat will occur in Fall 2008.



Chair Josh Cooper reported that
he was on the last Aloha flight from California to Hawaii and
everyone’s heart went out to the flight crew.  It was a very somber flight.  He
announced that there would be a “Mahalo Potluck Picnic” for Aloha
Airlines’ employees on Sunday, April 13, from 3:00-6:00 p.m. at
Kapiolani Park picnic area #4.  Directors were asked to wear their UHPA shirts or caps and bring a dish to share.

The Ad Hoc Committee on Special Projects will be doing a lecture series on global amnesty.  Their first speaker is Dr. William Schulz, former Executive Director of Amnesty International.  Dr. Schulz’ schedule is:

Wednesday, April 16, 6:00 p.m., Queen Liliuokalani Center, Student Services Room 208

Thursday, April 17, 12:00 noon, Kuykendall, Room 210, UH-Manoa

Thursday, April 17, 5:30 p.m., Architecture Auditorium, UH-Manoa



  • The ILWU staff and the Pacific Beach Hotel employees are still not able to organize.  All
    unions in Hawaii have been notified about participating in 12-hour day
    picketing at the hotel in two-hour shifts from April 29 to May 6.  Vice President Valdez asked if anyone could help out, they should email the ILWU or for more information, contact her at
  • The Teamsters are still requesting all union workers to continue to boycott Times Supermarkets.
  • President Chernisky reminded Chairs of UHPA committees that their annual written reports are due on Monday, April 14.

UHPA Update Notice for Kapiolani Community College Faculty Members

In the fall, Chancellor Leon
Richards unilaterally issued a memorandum stating a new policy for Kapiolani Community
College regarding summer session workload and teaching assignments.  UHPA has been addressing individual issues
and complaints with respect to the stated imposition by the administration that
those with 11-month appointments be required to teach Summer Session without
compensation, the arbitrary limit on the number of hours of Summer Session
courses that those on 9-month appointments would be allowed to teach, and the
unilateral increase in the number of students in web based courses.

Management’s action this academic
year reflect a more aggressive attitude toward these issues and an attempt to
change working conditions of faculty members on 11-month contracts and 9-month
faculty members choosing to teach during the summer without addressing either
the substance of the collective bargaining agreement or the academic
considerations of the Faculty Senate.

The following is an update on the
status of actions being taken by UHPA, which includes the filing of a class
action grievance.  We hope this communication is helpful—if you individually have requested a summer teaching load and have been
denied as a result of the Chancellor’s recent actions, we need to know the
details—a grievance will ensure your right to appropriate compensation

Re:  11-month work assignments

Status:  On March 14, 2008 the Chancellor notified
Faculty Senate Chair Harry Davis, that the
September 17, 2007 memorandum dealing in part with summer work assignment for
11-month faculty has been rescinded per our discussion around February 7, 2008”.

Re:  September 21, 2007 Chancellor’s “Guidelines
for Summer Workload Assignment”

Status:  Under the 2003-2009 CBA between the UH BOR
and UHPA, Article XXIV, Grievance Procedures, C2, the Union filed a Step 1
grievance with the Office of the Chancellor (waived by Kapiolani CC) and
subsequently a second grievance–Step 2, Office of the President, on March 7,
2008.  The President’s designee, Edward
Yuen, held a preliminary meeting with the Chancellor in early April.  Documentation from faculty members illustrate
that the Chancellor continues to selectively approve teaching load assignments
for totals more than 8 credits.

Management’s position is that
there will be established a maximum of 12 credits over the two summer sessions,
which is the limit teaching load.  The
reasoning behind this policy shift seems to be their belief of past approval of
inappropriate overloads of 15 and 18 credits. 
The shift is to 8 credits in one session plus 4 credits in a second
session—exceptions may be considered for ESOL courses or similar subject
area.  This new campus based view of
workload was discussed in the Division Chair/Dean’s Advisor Council meetings.

Re:  Increases in the number of students allowed
to enroll in web based courses.

Most enrollment numbers now vary
from 30 to 35 students (WI courses have maximum enrollments set at 20).  Some faculty members argue that a maximum of
25 students for their courses will significantly contribute to the quality of
services to students and make Kapiolani Community College more competitive.

On March 29th the VCAA
and Deans sent out a reminder to departments that maximum enrollment for online classes should mirror face to face
.  The administration’s
position is that this standard has always existed and that academic units have
unilaterally adjusted to a lower class size without curriculum approval through
the Faculty Senate.  Exceptions are to be
determined by the program dean.

Futures of Higher Education Course at UH-Manoa

A “Futures of Higher Education” course will be offered this fall semester on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at UH-Manoa.  Professor James Dator, Director of the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies, will be offering a Pols 770 Public Policy seminar and at the same time, Professor Ray Yeh, former Dean of the School of Architecture, will be offering a workshop in Architecture.  The course will assess relevant alternative futures and then design processes of higher education that are appropriate to them.  The course will also include an understanding of the history and current status of higher education worldwide.  Students and faculty are invited.  For more information, contact Dr. Dator at