UHPA Policy on Member-driven events

UHPA encourages all members to organize social events that encourage fellow colleagues to increase engagement with one another.

If you have a favorite event that you believe other UHPA members would find valuable, we can assist its promotion by publishing the details to both our website and newsletter which is sent to all UHPA members. See below for full details.

If you are interested, please contact us at email@uhpa.org and we can get the process started.

General guidelines and process on UHPA social event promotions

  1. YOU: Plan out your event well in advance.  
    1. UHPA’s newsletter is sent out at the end of every month and will be your key promotional vehicle.
    2. Review the event idea with your UHPA Faculty Rep and get some feedback.
  2. YOU: Send UHPA an email that clearly states the below and we recommend using a free online tool such as Eventbrite or Meetup to help organize your event:
    1. Who is organizing the event.
      1. Include contact information for people that want to reach you.
    2. What is the event about.
      1. Include information on what people need to do in order to register or participate.
      2. We need a graphic image that represents this event such as a photo or logo.
    3. When and Where will the event be held.
    4. Why should someone attend.
  3. UHPA: Review your submission and if the event is congruent with UHPA values, your event will be published on our website home page and included in our upcoming newsletter. Please note the following:
    1. UHPA does not financially support social events.
    2. A disclaimer will be published on the web page making it clear that this is a member-driven event and UHPA neither endorses nor is responsible in any way for this event.

We: have a successful event with your fellow colleagues!