UHPA Endorses Senate President Ron Kouchi, Senate District 8

UHPA continues to endorse President Kouchi.  UHPA appreciates President Kouchi’s commitment to open communications.  He brings a vast array of knowledge to the Senate regarding faculty and the importance of research funding and understanding the economic challenges that face our islands.  We appreciate all his time and efforts.

UHPA Endorses Patrick Branco, House District 50

UHPA is pleased to endorse newcomer Patrick Branco for House District 50.  Patrick graduated from Kamehameha Schools, received a full scholarship to Hawai‘i Pacific University and went on to receive his Master’s degree from John’s Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC.  Patrick earned fellowships at the US Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.  He has served in the U.S. Foreign Service.  The PEC felt strongly that Patrick understood our issues, the economic difficulties facing the University and the legislature.  They also felt that his background would serve him well in working with others in the legislature in advancing the work that needs to be accomplished.

UHPA Endorses Michael Chapman, House District 45

UHPA endorses another newcomer to the legislative process, Michael Chapman, House District 45.  Michael has an extensive background in the legislative process.  He began his political interest during his internship in Washington, DC and brought that knowledge home to work in the State Capitol with the Ways and Means Committee Chair.   Michael received his degree from Georgetown after graduating from Leilehua High School.  The PEC was pleased with his understanding of our issues.  We also felt that his background would serve him well in working with others in the legislature in advancing the work that needs to be accomplished.

UHPA Endorses Donovan Dela Cruz, Senate District 22

UHPA is pleased to announce continued support for Senator Donovan Dela Cruz.  Sen. Dela Cruz Chairs the Ways and Means Committee, the work he has accomplished on behalf of the faculty demonstrates his understanding of the issues pertaining to the University of Hawai`i system and economic issues confronting UH and the UH faculty that we represent.  We appreciated working with Senator Dela Cruz.

UHPA Endorses Trish La Chica, House District 36

Trish La Chica is another newcomer to the Legislature and UHPA is pleased to endorse her.  Although new to the elected side of the legislative process, Trish has been following closely the issues unfolding at the legislature as a community advocate for public health.   Trish’s time advocating has provided her with insight to the legislative process.  Trish’s background will serve her well as an advocate for UHPA and her community.  We are excited to endorse Trish for House District 36.

UHPA Endorses Rep. Stacelynn Eli, House District 43

UHPA is pleased to endorse Rep. Eli.  She served as the Vice Chair of Labor this past session and demonstrated strong support for the issues important to UHPA.  The work she supported on behalf of the faculty demonstrated her understanding of the issues pertaining to the University of Hawai`i system and economic issues confronting UH and the UH faculty that we represent.  We have appreciated working with her over the years and look forward to many more.

UHPA Endorses Rep. Justin Woodson, House District 9

UHPA continues to endorse Representative Woodson who chairs the House Higher Education Committee.  UHPA continues to work closely with him and appreciates his open door policy.  We look forward to working with him in the future.

Why does UHPA get involved with political endorsements?

Mention the term, “political endorsements” to some faculty, and you may get a virulent reaction. These faculty may believe we should not have to stoop to being involved with such dirty, messy processes.

Unfortunately, that may be the same reason many in Hawaii do not actively engage in the political process and voter turnout remains low, even with our state’s change to mail-in ballots. Some may see the political process as a waste of time and not worthy of their time and attention. They willingly relinquish their rights to those who are willing to dive into the process. Unfortunately, this means many do not have a say in who leads our state or makes decisions that directly impact faculty. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to more disenchantment with the political system.

Rationale for Political Endorsements

Faculty, of all voters, should understand and appreciate the rationale for political endorsements. UHPA carefully reviews and vets candidates to determine who is willing to listen and understand the perspectives of UH faculty. Our Political Endorsement Committee now includes members of UHPA’s board of directors to ensure broad representation of views in endorsement recommendations that are presented for a vote before the full board.

Endorsements are important to candidates. They count on endorsements from credible organizations because it shows they have the substantial backing— either financial support, volunteer campaign support, and ultimately, voter support—to win in their respective race. When others see this, they also want to support a winning candidate.

Improving Favorable Outcomes

Supporting candidates that are supportive of UH faculty is no guarantee of getting what we need, but it enhances our ability to be heard on critical issues and improves our likelihood of having outcomes favorable for faculty.

Five Ways to Be a Part of the Political Process

You can play a key role in stopping elected government officials from making uninformed decision-making that have negative consequences for faculty. Here are five ways faculty can be a part of the political process:

  1. Just getting through your own set of challenges within your department and managing your own priorities can be challenging enough as a UH faculty member. Rise to the challenge of becoming engaged with our external political environment—all the things that affect the UH outside of the UH.
  2. Be informed about who is introducing or advocating for policies or practices that support or harm UH faculty. The UHPA team is also doing the same and chances are you will have the same views for political endorsements.
  3. Feel free to discuss this within you Primary Academic Unit (PAU) so that it can be rolled up for discussion at the Faculty Forum. Your input may be enlightening or confirm what others may also feel about prospective candidates.
  4. Consider becoming actively involved in supporting candidates. This could be sign waving, being involved with their fundraisers, or other activities that a candidate may require support.
  5. Vote. Complete the endorsement process by voting for the candidate. Imagine if every UHPA member voted and all supported a candidate. That would be more than 3,500 votes that could push them way ahead of an opposing candidate.


Political Party Organizing is Underway in Hawai‘i

Democratic Party Precinct Meetings

The Precinct meetings, where the election of Precinct & District officers as well as the delegates to State & County Conventions, will take place on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM at various locations across the state. You will be able to find a complete listing of those locations on the Party’s website www.hawaiidemocrats.org in January 2020 as well as in the ads that will run on Sunday, February 9, 2020 in your county’s paper of record.

Democratic Party Presidential Preference Polls (PPP)

All members of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i will be able to vote by mail in the Party-run Presidential Primary as noted below:
If someone is an enrolled member of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i (which you can do on-line at www.hawaiidemocrats.org/join and a registered voter in the state of Hawaii (https://olvr.hawaii.gov) by February 18, 2020 a ballot will be mailed to your house.
A second mailing will be done after March 8, 2020 only for those who join between Feb. 19 & March 8, 2020
Anyone that joins after March 8, 2020 will be required to go to a polling location on April 4, 2020 (see recommendation below)
It is recommended that if you have your ballot in your possession on April 1, 2020 (March 30, 2020 for rural areas) that you drop your ballot off at one of the polling sites, as all ballots must be received by 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 4, 2020 to be counted.)

Republican Party

The Republican Party has forgone any Precinct Meetings or Presidential Preference Poll for the 2020 election cycle. Should you have any questions here is their party website (https://www.gophawaii.com/).

Green Party

The Green Party has not listed any information regarding meetings for 2020. Should you have any questions here is their party website (https://www.greenpartyofhawaii.org/).

Register to Vote – ALL MAIL VOTING

Hawai‘i is now an all mail-in voting state. Make sure you are registered to vote at this link.  We will continue to update you.

UHPA Endorsement

Governor Ige