Gil Keith-Agaran for Senate District 5

A faculty committed to helping students grow intellectually and creatively to their fullest capacity, and challenging and collaborating with their peers in their areas of teaching and research is central to fulfilling that task.  Providing a quality and demanding education requires a strong faculty developed locally and internally, and recruited nationally (and internationally) which is well-rewarded and supported. A strong and stable cadre of teachers and researchers will not only draw students to the university but also attract the best minds among their peers.  Only a strong academy can cultivate citizens with a rich awareness of our Hawaii’s heritage as a kingdom and as part of the United States and the global community who can lead and serve in every sphere of civic society.


Karl Rhoads for House District 29

In my eight years in the Legislature (four years as chair of the Committee on Labor
and Public Employment), I have done my best to ensure the highest funding
levels possible for the university system as a whole, but for faculty in
particular.  Unfortunately, during the recession,
this often meant minimizing damage and protecting hard-earned collective
bargaining rights.

the rewards of academic life are primarily intellectual, that does not mean
that the laws of supply and demand are irrelevant.  Other factors being equal, the university
offering the best compensation packages adjusted for cost of living will attract
and retain the best faculty.  With the
worst budget days behind us, I look forward to more competitive benefits
packages for faculty and a sharper focus on moving the University of Hawaii
system forward.  If reelected, I will
continue to advocate for the University of Hawaii and its faculty.


Christopher Stump for House District 17

If elected, it is my duty to bring these things issues to the forefront of the legislative agenda. Many problems are ones we face immediately but we also need to think about the future of the UH system. Through ample support of the faculty and by reinvesting in the UH system we are investing in the future of Hawai’i.


Cynthia Thielen for House District 50

I am a strong advocate for our public school system, striving to ensure a

healthy learning and working environment for students, teachers, and staff. I
believe in a strong early education for all keiki, from preschool on up, to

give students a jumpstart and create engaged learners who are prepared for and
eager to achieve higher education. I consistently vote to support school
funding and reduce the teacher-to-student ratio.

In my support of UH faculty, I supported the establishment of the John A.
Burns School of Medicine, served as a UH Manoa Legislator in Residence, and
participate regularly in the WSRSL’s annual Moot Court.

As a member of the UH family, I work hard to support its faculty and
students, and am very honored to receive UHPA’s endorsement.




Josh Green for Senate District 3

I in turn want you to know how greatly I appreciate your

commitment to providing higher education for our community.  My undergraduate degree
armed me with analytical tools and written skills that have opened many doors
throughout my life, including the opportunity to become a physician and
National Health Corps member, and ultimately a State Senator and healthcare
leader. Thank you for making similar opportunities available to the hard
working students in Hawaii. You do more good than you know.

Those who avail themselves of your expertise and wisdom will
thrive and be able to both better support their families and better contribute
to society as they pursue their dreams.  There is nothing more important than a
quality education.  I respect what you do.



Josh Green M.D.
Hawaii State Senate