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DOE’s Possible Implementation of New Federal Standards

New federal standards by the Department of Education (DOE) would undermine the historic role of higher education in the United States. Therefore, Executive Director J. N. Musto seeks support from the Hawaii Congressional Delegates to prevent this from being implemented.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment Premium Rates

The faculty members in bargaining unit 7 receive the highest State Employer contributions for EUTF benefit plans. The Open Enrollment period is scheduled to end on May 18th. (click on title to read more)

California State University Faculty Authorize Strike

The California Faculty Association on Wednesday, March 21st, announced that 94 percent of members who voted had authorized a strike by professors if current negotiations with the 23 campuses of the California State University System administration fail. The faculty union, affiliated with the National Education Association, has been in disputes with the administration for months about pay and other issues.