Competencies and Qualifications in the Selection of the UHPA Executive Director

•    Issues impacting the working conditions of faculty
•    Hawaii’s political and local culture
•    Communication/rhetoric
•    Collective bargaining in the public sector
•    Possession of a terminal degree (e.g. Ph.D., J.D.)

•    Working with volunteer governing boards
•    Working with diverse socio-economic, cultural groups
•    Media and public relations
•    Successful contract negotiations
•    Conflict resolution
•    Grievance processing and arbitration

Personal Qualities
•    Diplomatic
•    Socially intelligent
•    Visionary
•    Tactical thinking
•    Culturally acclimated
•    Integrity
•    Humility

Professional Linkages
•    Higher education
•    Media
•    University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents
•    Legislature
•    University of Hawai‘i faculty