Special Board Election for UH-Manoa



UHPA is conducting a special election to fill the remaining term of a Manoa Director who resigned. The term will last about one year from May 23, 2012 to the day before the May 2013 Board meeting. All UHPA members assigned to the Manoa campus are eligible to run and to vote.

Please note that the election process will be compressed in order to complete nominations and mail ballots before the end of the semester and seat the new Director for the June 2 Board meeting.

The Nominations Procedure is as follows:

§  You may nominate yourself or another UHPA member from UH Manoa.

  • If you want to be a candidate or nominate a candidate in this election, please notify UHPA Secretary John Wendell at john.p.wendell@gmail.com by noon, Friday, April 27, to be considered for nomination by the Nominations and Elections committee.

§  Alternately, you can be nominated by a petition signed by at least 20 UHPA members from Manoa. The petition must be received by the Officer of Elections at the UHPA office by 4:30 p.m. , Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The UHPA office is located at 1017 Palm Drive, Honolulu, HI 96814.  Petitions may be hand delivered, or sent by facsimile to (808) 593-2160.  An email will be sent to acknowledge receipt of the petition.

§  The UHPA staff will confirm the validation of the signed petitioners as Active Members of the constituency.  If the petition does not have the required number of signatures of Active Members, it will be returned to the person who submitted it.  Therefore, it is recommended that petitions contain a few more than the number of required signatures in case any of the signers are not UHPA members. The petitioner is eligible to be one of the signers.

  • Candidates will have until 4:30 p.m. on May 3, 2012 to submit their Consent Form (go to: http://uhpa.org/members-only/2012-uhpa-bod-elections/instructions-re-biographical-info-personal-statement/view).  A signed Consent Form must be submitted before a candidate’s name can be placed on the ballot. Submission of a biography and personal statement is optional.
  • On or before May 10, 2012, paper ballots will be mailed to the address UHPA has on file for Active Members at Manoa.  All candidates biographical information and personal statements, if available, will be included with the ballot.
  • Ballots must be received at UHPA headquarters by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 21, 2012.
  • Election results will be announced on or before May 23, 2012.



Be a Permanent Absentee Voter

When you sign up to be a permanent absentee voter, you’ll receive your ballot in the mail for this and future elections. You should expect to receive your absentee ballot in the mail after the August 4, 2012 submission deadline.
Absentee ballots are ideal if you’re out of town and can’t vote on Election Day.  Click on the link below to download, complete and mail a permanent absentee ballot application: http://hawaii.gov/elections/voters/about_perm_ab

Important Dates and Deadlines

Here are important dates relating to the upcoming elections:

July 12, 2012:  Deadline to register to vote in Primary Election       

August 4, 2012:  Deadline to submit absentee ballot application for Primary Election

August 11, 2012:  Primary Election

October 8, 2012:  Deadline to register to vote in General Election (if you did not register for Primary Election)

October 30, 2012:  Deadline to submit absentee ballot application for General Election

November 6, 2012:  General Election

Early Walk-In Voting

If you miss the deadlines to submit an application for absentee voting, consider early walk-in voting. Absentee walk-in polling places are located at the Offices of the City or County Clerk where you reside. For additional locations and hours of operations, call your City/County Clerk where you reside.

July 30 – August 9, 2012:  Early walk-in voting for the Primary Election
October 23 – November 3, 2012:  Early walk-in voting for the General Election

Report of the Joint Committee on Community College Teaching Equivalencies

As a part of the negotiations that lead to the Article IV. FACULTY PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND WORKLOAD, the standard teaching assignments for full-time instructional Faculty at all Community Colleges was reduced from 30 Semester Credit Hours per academic year, to 27 Semester Credit Hours.  In addition, the parties agreed to review, evaluate, and recommend the application of teaching equivalencies for instructional activities not solely based on SCH, e.g., vocational courses, science laboratories, and art studios, and also the teaching equivalencies granted for non-instructional activities, e.g., faculty governance, curriculum development, and department or division chair duties.  These teaching equivalencies do not apply to those Faculty whose primary duties, i.e., student counseling or librarian, that are non-instructional.  The teaching equivalencies address the instructional aspects of BOR Policy 9-16.

The CC TE Report includes two Appendices, one describing the instructional teaching equivalencies, by campus and individual, for the 2010-2011 academic,  and the non-teaching equivalencies for the same academic year.  It is the committee’s recommendation that these reports continue to be aggregated for each campus as the new policy is implemented. One of the most important aspects of the Committee’s work was discovering the differences and variations between campuses in the allocation of teaching equivalencies, and continued transparency can only further the refinement of the policy in future years.

UHPA is also including a Petition that was signed by a number of science faculty members from various campuses and sent to Vice President Morton last November, prior to competition of the Joint Committee’s Report in late January.  The members of the Committee spent a significant amount of time discussing the request that science lab clock hours be counted as a 1:1 ratio with Semester Credit Hours.  In the end, there was no consensus within the Committee to acceptance of the 1:1 ratio, although as a function of the change in the standard teaching assignment to 27 SCH per academic, the laboratory teaching equivalencies were increased by 10%, as were other clock hour based instructional activities, e.g., culinary arts.  This required  a recommendation that would allow for the banking of teaching equivalencies, including fractional counts, until they equaled the full reduction of a course, or the payout of the banking if course reductions were not feasible.

It is expected that Vice President Morton will write a Teaching Equivalency policies consistent with the recommendations of the Joint Committee.

Click here to read the UHCC Science Faculty Petition

Click here to read the Community College Teaching Equivalency Final Report



UHPA Scholarships Available for UHPA Women Members


Click on the following links for more information and the UHPA Application:

UHPA flyer about the Institute go to:  http://uhpa.org/newsitems/2012-siuw-flyer/view

Detailed brochure about the Institute and class offereings:  http://laborcenter.berkeley.edu/siuw/index.shtml

UHPA Scholarship Application go to:  http://uhpa.org/newsitems/2012-siuw-application/view



Capitol Idol 2012 – Legislative Talent Show to Benefit the Hawaii Foodbank


Come watch Capitol Idol 2012 at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 16, in the Capitol Auditorium as senators and representatives battle it out for your votes in this talent competition. You won’t want to miss it! There’s an awesome line-up of talent.

ADMISSION IS FREE. Hope to see you there!



Ed Case Letter

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UHPA Files a Prohibited Practice Regarding EUTF Employer Contributions

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