Locate Your Ballot

UHPA Members – Remember to Vote by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, October 7

Vote Being Conducted by an Independent Third Party

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some members have expressed concern over the electronic voting procedures because they are afraid that UHPA can track their individual vote. UHPA hired an independent voting company, Votenet Solutions www.votenet.com to conduct this election. They conduct organizational voting for credit unions, higher education associations, and corporations. UHPA DOES NOT KNOW WHO HAS VOTED OR HOW THEY HAVE VOTED. The only confirmation on voting is the aggregate voting totals and the results. This voting procedure is as secure as any mail-in ballot or handwritten ballots collected through campus polling stations.

Click here to view the Vote “No” Video

Save Hawaii’s University

The UHPA Board of Directors support this important event and encourage all UHPA members to participate.

First, budget cuts. . .

  • Fewer class offerings
  • Fewer student service
  • More crowded classes
  • Longer time to graduation
  • Larger student loans

Next, retrenchment?

  • What would happen to my major if my program is retrenched (permanently eliminated)?
  • How would retrenchment affect my degree after I graduate?

Learn about what’s happening at your university.  Voice your concerns.

Click here to view the UH-Manoa Teach In Video

The video captures the impact of the UH “Last Best Final Offer” and why
faculty need to unite to preserve the quality of higher education for
our community and students.