UHPA Political Candidate Endorsements

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How will you vote on proposed Con Amendments?

The League of Women Voters of Hawai`i has posted pro and con statements for the five proposed amendments at


`Olelo will also broadcast a series of discussion panels covering the constitutional amendments. The schedule for airing the discussion panels is as follows:

10/16 6:30pm #1 – UH Board of Regents Appointment Process

10/17 6:30pm #2 – Single Salary Commission

10/18 6:30pm #3 – Remove Mandatory Retirement Age for State Justices/Judges

10/19 6:30pm #4 – Sexual Assault of Minors Younger than 14

10/20 6:30pm #5 – Special Purpose Revenue Bonds & Impt Ag Lands

The first discussion panel will focus on the proposed amendment to change the process for selection and appointment of UH Regents. Retired attorney Frank Boas will speak in favor of the amendment and current chair of the UH Regents, Kitty Lagareta, will argue against the passage of the amendment.

All these programs will run on Channel 49 the week of October 16th through the 20th. Each panel will be initially aired at 6:30 pm on its respective night and rerun the following day at 6:30 am and noon. `Olelo will send the tapes to the neighbor island public access cable stations, but know the schedule for airing is not yet been published. `Olelo will soon also have streaming video of each panel, available continuously until the General Election.

Check the “VOTE! 2006” section of the `Olelo website at


December 2006 Board Notes


 Directors met in committee of the whole with Attorneys Jeff Piper and T. Anthony Gill.  They discussed the state’s non-profit laws, non-profit organizations and unincorporated associations, physical and proxy voting, etc.  Directors were asked to consider what the union means to them and the membership, and to consider the values that make UHPA useful and whether they can be accommodated through the updated non-profit laws.  An inquiry was made about electronic voting, which is not currently allowed under the state’s non-profit laws.



  • Directors met in Executive Session to discuss matters pertaining to expectations for the professional conduct of Board members and the appropriate use of the trademark “UHPA.” 


  • Directors met in Executive Session to consider the Step 3 request from staff.  They passed a motion to appeal the grievance of a UH-Manoa faculty member to arbitration for violation of Article XVIII, Disciplinary Action.


  • The Executive Committee reviewed the proposal from Director Josh Cooper to bring students from Maui Community College to Honolulu, which is being modeled to Director Lou Zitnik’s project.  The Executive Committee indicated that reference to Hawaii CC and Director Zitnik should not be included in the proposal as it gives the impression they are also requesting funding.  Directors passed a motion to approve $800 for the Spring 2007 project contingent upon a revised proposal from Director Cooper.  The Executive Committee recommended that an ad hoc committee be established to look more broadly at setting aside funding guidelines for future requests of this nature.  The ad hoc committee would be charged with determining how funds would be made available to all campuses, what the criteria and procedures would be used in selecting proposals, and the establishment of a selection process. 


  • President Tiles reported that the Executive Committee considered the faculty housing issues that were raised at the last Board meeting.  Information from the University was circulated to Directors, including the report from the UH-Manoa Faculty Housing Association.  Based on the FH Association recommendations, the Executive Committee has concluded that in looking at the broader context, they would recommend against the motions proposed, but withdrawn, that would change the criteria applied to the current faculty housing in Manoa if they are re-introduced.


  • In August, Directors approved the following proposed amendments to UHPA’s Constitution and By-Laws.  Since the issue of Hawaii’s not-for-profit law was brought to the Board of Directors’ attention, the proposed amendments were not published for the membership’s consideration.  Directors reconfirmed their decision and passed a motion that the proposed amendments would take effect immediately upon ratification by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the ballots cast by UHPA members.  Under separate cover, UHPA members will be sent the proposed amendments and after sixty days, members will be asked to vote by secret ballot whether they approve or disapprove the changes.



Directors received copies of an updated report from AES Design Group, Inc. on the renovation and addition to the Akala Lane property.  The plans to connect and renovate the two offices into a new UHPA office building are moving forward.  Once the formal plans are prepared they will be submitted to the City for building permit approval.  The architects revised estimate of the project costs were less than originally approved, coming in at approximately $315,000.  The project will likely take 12 to 18 months until completion.



Directors unanimously passed a motion to establish an Ad Hoc Special Projects Committee.

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Lou Zitnik (Hawaii CC) as Chair and Joseph Chernisky (Leeward CC), Jerome Comcowich (UH-Manoa), Joshua Cooper (Maui CC), and Thomas Jackson (UH-Manoa) as members of the Ad Hoc Special Projects Committee

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Maggie Bruck (Maui CC), Jeffrey Zuckernick (Kapiolani CC), Peter Rappa (UH-Manoa), and Lisa Rosenlee (UH-West Oahu) as members of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Susan Hippensteele (UH-Manoa), William Puette (UH-West Oahu), and John Wendell (UH-Manoa) as members of the Grievance Committee.

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We Need Information-For Contract Negotiations

The Collective Bargaining Committee has prepared a series of questions related to specific issues that are being considered for changes in the next contract. Approximately three questions will be asked each month. You’ll receive a separate e-mail invitation to “click” and participate. This will be a continuing feature over the months leading to our resuming bargaining in April 2008.

January 2007 Board Notes


Directors unanimously passed two motions that confirmed the appointments of John Cole (Hawaii CC) and L. Thomas Ramsey (UH-Manoa) as members of the UHPA Board of Directors.  Their terms begin immediately and will end on August 31, 2007.  John Cole fills the Hawaii CC Board position that was occupied by Lou Zitnik, who is the Interim Director for West Hawaii.  L. Thomas Ramsey fills the UH-Manoa at large Board position that was occupied by Lawrence Nitz, who is on sabbatical leave.



Directors met in executive session from 8:38 until 9:25 a.m. to consider a settlement proposal by Attorney T. Anthony Gill on a personnel matter.  Directors confirmed the motion to approve the personnel action discussed during executive session.



Directors were requested to return to UHPA confidential documents that were discussed in executive session.  Director Jerome Comcowich announced that he preferred to retain those documents because he was named in them and the documents contained material errors of fact.  After much discussion, Directors passed the following motion, which had more than two-thirds of those present (16-for, 3-against, and 1-abstention): 

WHEREAS at its last meeting the UHPA Board of Directors (BOD) instructed Director Comcowich to discontinue his use of the UHPA name on his listserv and he immediately defied the BOD.

WHEREAS today the BOD agreed that all Board members would turn in confidential documents and he openly defied the BOD.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this BOD censures Director Comcowich for his disregard for BOD actions.



o     President Mary Tiles reported that she attended two Hawaii AFL-CIO legislative meetings.  The AFL-CIO is recommending that the Legislature fund extensive repair and maintenance programs at both the Department of Education and the University of Hawaii.

o     She, Executive Director J. N. Musto, and Associate Executive Director John Radcliffe met with Speaker of House Calvin Say and other public sector union representatives to discuss issues before the 2007 Legislature.  The Speaker favors a minimal tax rebate rather than the Governor’s tax relief proposal package for Hawaii residents.  The Speaker is concerned that the Governor’s revenue projections will not be sufficient to cover all contemplated expenditures.

o     She reported that the P-20 Council is excited about the success of the Gear Up Program, which can be found at http://gearup.hawaii.edu/.  Director John Wendell reported that a colleague, Dr. Shirley Daniel, from the School of Accountancy has done an excellent job promoting the Gear Up Program at UH-Manoa.

o     President Tiles attended a joint Faculty Senate/UHPA meeting at Leeward Community College.  She credited UHPA Vice President Joseph Chernisky for putting together a very productive meeting.

o     She and Director Ruth Horie attended the January orientation for new faculty at UH-Manoa.  Although there were less than twenty new hires in attendance, she was pleased that these orientation meetings are represented by members of the Faculty Senate, UHPA, and the UH administration.

o     She attended the January 11 Board of Regents meeting that was held at UH-Manoa.  A report was made to the Regents on the centennial project.  The goal is to reach $250 million.  At the end of December 2006, $159 million has been raised.

o     Members of the Legislative/PAC manned the UHPA table at the State Capitol on UH Day, January 19.  Chair Thomas Jackson and President Tiles also had an opportunity to converse with Representative Tommy Waters of the House Ways and Means Committee on the CIP budget.



  • Executive Director J. N. Musto gave public testimony at the January Board of Regents’ (BOR) meeting regarding changes to executive/managerial salaries that are considered in executive session.  He informed the Regents that the public needs to know what changes are being proposed so that proper testimony may be made.  He was informed that executive/managerial salary information is not for public disclosure until they have been approved.  Executive Director Musto informed the Directors that UHPA would propose modifications to HRS Chapter 92 that would require prior disclosure before executive and managerial salaries for new hires, or special increases, are approved by the BOR during this legislative session.  
  • Since December 2006, Executive Director Musto has been monitoring the legislative higher education hearings and will continue to do that during the duration of the legislative session.  He indicated that the base budget that came down from the Executive Branch of government includes the negotiated salary increases for next biennium.  The UH budget is based on faculty salary increases of 9% and 11% over the next two years. 
  • He reported that all other public sector unions are currently negotiating new contracts.  Except for one UPW unit, all these negotiations are subject to interest arbitration.  We have heard that other public sector unions are utilizing the negotiated increases approved for the faculty as the basis of the proposals being made. 
  • UHPA has received questions about faculty travel during the 9-month duty based on various campus administrative notices being sent out.  Faculty may take the time during the winter break and spring break for personal travel, if they choose, and “make up” those days by extending the duty period in May.  The expectations on faculty, however, remain the same as if they had remained on campus during those periods when classes were not in session. 
  • The Collective Bargaining Committee will meet on Saturday, January 27, at the UHPA office. 
  • Executive Director Musto reported that he continues to work with Attorneys T. Anthony Gill and Jeff Piper on the Constitution and By-Laws, discussing what will be necessary to bring them into compliance with the changes in the Hawaii not-for-profit law.  A presentation will be made showing what the By-Laws would potentially look like if we continued as a not-for-profit corporation or move to an unincorporated status.  When a proposal is finalized by the Board of Directors, a general membership meeting will be held to vote on the proposed changes. 
  • Executive Director Musto attended a meeting with Employment Training Center (ETC) faculty members regarding reorganization of the unit.  He provided a brief history of the ETC (formally ETO) and the prior efforts of UHPA to make ETC a permanent part of the UH System.   The ETC program is unique and the proposed reorganization is directed in part at assisting ETC becoming fully integrated with Windward Community College. 
  • Executive Director Musto reported that he has made inquiries on Director & Officer liability insurance for the Board of Directors.  He has asked the NEA to evaluate the Association Liability Insurance that UHPA purchases from NEA with respect to D & O coverage.  He has checked with other insurance firms, but the majority of them have recommended that unions go to the international affiliate for coverage.



Treasurer Ming-Bao Yue reported that UHPA is in its fourth month of the fiscal year.  She referred Directors to significant expenditures made last month and reported that UHPA is in good financial standing.  Directors passed a motion to receive the financial reports for the fiscal periods ending November 30 and December 31, 2006, and to refer those reports to the Finance Committee

Treasurer Yue announced a change to the UHPA Reimbursement for Travel Policy.  Personal automobile travel for Assembly business is based on the IRS standard mileage rate.  Effective January 2007, the mileage rate is $0.485.



President Tiles reported that Teresa Bill, Chair of the Ad Hoc Women’s Committee, will probably have a report on the joint UH/UHPA Pay Equity Study sometime either in February or March.



Chair Thomas Jackson reported that the Legislative Committee had a successful UH Day.  All the politicians who stopped by the UHPA table were supportive.  Suggestions were made how to improve UHPA’s exhibit for next year. 

The Legislative Committee met with UHPA Executive Director J. N. Musto and Associate Executive Director John Radcliffe.  They reviewed bills, and discussed strategy and issues that would impact the University and the union.



NEA Higher Ed Director Sally Pestana shared promising news regarding financial aid for higher education students.  U.S. House Democrats recently unveiled a bill that would cut interest rates on federally subsidized loans to college students by half over the next five years.  The $6 billion measure would be paid for by increasing costs that lenders pay to the government and reducing the largest lenders’ government-guaranteed profits.

Student debt has grown exponentially in recent years, in tandem with college costs that routinely outpace inflation. The average college student now graduates with nearly $18,000 in debt. This proposal would benefit the 5.5 million students a year who receive subsidized Stafford loans.

A typical borrower with a $13,800 subsidized student loan debt would pay about $22,100 in interest and principal over 15 years at the existing rate. When cut to 3.4 percent (from the current 6.8), that same borrower would pay $17,700 — or about $4,400 less.

In addition, Senator Clinton introduced legislation that would increase the maximum Pell grant from $4,050 to $12,600 over the next five years and would allow students to receive these grants year-round.  This bill would also increase the percentage of education expenses eligible for the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit from 20 percent to 50 percent. This credit would be refundable for low-income, non-traditional students and be provided in advance of the school year when tuition is due.  

Other programs reformed in the legislation include, creating a pilot program to provide more financial aid to less-than-half-time students enrolled in a degree program, increasing the income protection allowance to benefit working students and allowing students to exclude certain tax credits from financial aid determinations. Additionally, the legislation would authorize $50 million to improve the quality and quantity of remedial education classes and allow for an increase in on-campus child care funding to $75 million for fiscal year 2008.



1.  Committee Appointments

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointment of Duane Stevens (UH-Manoa) as a member of the Collective Bargaining Committee

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Adrienne Valdez (UH-West Oahu) and Charles Weems (UH-Manoa) as member of the Personnel Committee.  

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Joseph Chernisky (Leeward CC) and Joshua Cooper (Maui CC) as Co-Chairs of the Ad Hoc Special Projects Committee 

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointment of Amy Anderson (UH-Manoa) as member of the Nominations and Elections Committee.  

The above appointments begin their terms immediately, which will end on August 31, 2007.

2.  National Education Association (NEA)

Director Adrienne Valdez announced that the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly (RA) will be held from June 30 to July 5, 2007 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.  Directors were encouraged to attend.  Persons interested may go to http://www.nea.org/annualmeeting/index.html for more information. 

NEA Higher Education Director Sally Pestana informed Board Directors that NEA’s 25th Annual Higher Education Conference will be held March 2-4, 2007 at the Hilton San Diego Resort on Mission Bay.  The theme this year is “The Academy at Work.”   The agenda, registration, and other information on the Higher Education Conference may be found at http://www2.nea.org/he/conf.html.

3.  John Radcliffe

Directors unanimously passed a motion to thank Associate Executive Director John Radcliffe for his long service to the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly.  John has served UHPA for 18 years, and led the organization in the evolution of its political action and lobbying programs.  He has also been a tireless advocate on behalf of many faculty members with both contractual grievances and general problems beyond the scope of the contract.  Over the years he has spearheaded UHPA’s efforts to provide faculty housing.  Currently, he is serving on the Employer Union Trust Fund that offers health insurance to all public employees.  He is leading the fight to expand the EUTF premium structure from a two-tier system to one that has separate rates for single, two-party, and full family coverage.  His work with the Legislature has assisted UH in its efforts to increasing the general fund budget, as well as addressing specific concerns of departments, colleges, and schools that include topics from importing of biological samples for research to accountancy standards.  John was one of the original members of the P-20 Committee, which is the collaborative activity between the DOE and the University promoting life-long learning.  During the strike of 2001, John coordinated the strategic and logistical efforts of UHPA that resulted in the settlement of our current contract.  From the time of Governor Waihee, John has been a creative and constructive force in helping UHPA achieve its goals in collective bargaining and at the Legislature.  We will miss John’s expertise that has spanned over 40 years of organizing and representing public education and educators.  We will also miss his good humor and sharp wit.

4.  Special Election for Executive Committee

A special election was conducted by the Nominations and Elections Committee for the at-large position on the Executive Committee that was vacated when Lou Zitnik resigned from the Board of Directors.  Nominated were L. Thomas Ramsey, Amarjit Singh, and Duane Stevens, all from UH-Manoa.  Director Singh withdrew his nomination. Directors voted by secret ballot.  It was announced that L. Thomas Ramsey has been elected as the at-large member on the UHPA Executive Committee.  His term begins immediately and will end on August 31, 2007.

EUTF Approves Multiple Health Premium Tiers and More Choices of Coverage

The EUTF Board revised the rate structure and added a two-party rate. Historically, faculty members who enrolled only two people under the trust fund’s insurance programs had to pay the family premium.

The EUTF will shift from insured plans to self-funded plans for all medical & prescription drug plans, except for Kaiser and a dual coverage plan insured by Royal State thus reducing premiums and premium increases.

The EUTF Board will also be offering a choice of medical and hospital insurance (HMSA High Deductible Health Plan & Kaiser – Low Option) with a higher deductible but lower monthly premiums. There will be two additional HMO plans and an additional Preferred Provider Organization plan.

The http://www.eutf.hawaii.gov/.

33rd Annual Membership Meeting

When:  Friday, April 13, 2007 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Where:  Honolulu Community College, Building 7, Room 313

UHPA members are invited to attend.  Parking available on the Honolulu CC campus through the Kapalama Canal area (off Kokea Street).

UHPA Remembers G. Nelson Armitage

As an UHPA Organization Specialist, Chuck provided outstanding service to faculty members and his fellow staff members from August 1975–December 1988.  Upon retirement, he and his wife, Janet, moved to the state of Washington to be closer to family.  Senior faculty members will recall the tall, slender Chuck Armitage, who always wore a long sleeve Reyn shirt over a white tee shirt in the summer and a coat and tie in winter months, and his well organized approach to his work. His daily lunch–time ritual of preparing lesson plans for his Sunday–School class and his love for his family held great value for Chuck.  We believe Chuck is survived by his son Nelson, daughters Leslie and Nancy, and grandchildren.  His wife Janet passed away a few years ago.  Perhaps those of you who knew Chuck will take a moment to remember him in silent aloha.  

February 2007 Board Notes


NEA Higher Education Director Sally Pestana reported that both the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) (No Child Left Behind) and Higher Ed reauthorizations are moving ahead in Congress at an aggressive pace, due in great measure to the new party configuration in both houses.  NEA is taking a strong proactive stand and working very hard to lead the way in final language for both acts. 

The Spellings Commission Report (lengthy report can be found at http://www.ed.gov/about/bdscomm/list/hiedfuture/index.html) will have a great impact on the Higher Ed reauthorization.  While NEA applauds many of the report’s accessibility and affordability recommendations, the assessment and accountability recommendations have a definite No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) flavor. 

Department of Education Director Margaret Spellings will convene a Higher Education Summit in March to bring those of her choosing to the table to discuss all aspects of the Commission’s report, as well as implementation strategies.  The voice of faculty was blatantly overlooked.  NEA President Reg Weaver personally made a strong case with Ms. Spellings for the need for faculty to have a representative at the table.  As a result, NEA’s National Council for Higher Education President, Kathy Sproles, will be participating in the Summit.

An excellent e-newsletter for following all the trends and concerns in Higher Education is Inside Higher Ed.  For the latest update on the Higher Ed Act, as well as to subscribe, see http://insidehighered.com/news/2007/03/09/hea

Sally is working with Senator Akaka’s office to secure data on how much higher education faculty spend out of pocket for teaching supplies.  Please add your personal experience to the data, by answering the one question survey on the opening UHPA website page at www.uhpa.org.  Your input will be used to work towards a tax deduction for such expenses for higher education faculty (currently only K-12 teachers are eligible for such a deduction).



President Mary Tiles attended the Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) meeting.  She indicated that it would be elaborated upon later by the CBC Chair.

President Tiles was invited to talk about faculty governance to a graduate class   This prompted the reflection that although the Board of Regents (BOR) policy on faculty governance and Chapter 89 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) express similar sentiments about the reason for including faculty participation, the ability for faculty to exercise the roles conferred in the two documents has been different as Chapter 89 is a law and its provisions can be legally enforced.  Board of Regents policy in this area has been difficult to enforce.  She recommends that members of faculty senates should look at Chapter 1 of the BOR policies, as all senates should have the language about shared governance as part of their organizational structure.  She also indicated that it would serve the faculty if the faculty senates and the union could continue to work in harmony as the faculty’s voice.



Executive Director J. N. Musto reported that UHPA is moving the corporation’s business insurance from Bank of Hawaii to another firm, which will include liability insurance for Directors and Officers.

The building permit, necessary to begin renovations on the Akala Lane property, will soon be submitted to the City & County of Honolulu.  Provisional arrangements are being made to connect both telephone service and data access to the two buildings prior to the completion of the bridge that will connect them.

The number of serious grievances and complaints related to faculty employment and possible terminations has grown.  There continues to be many other contract-related issues, including negative evaluations in tenure and promotion dossiers that are being reviewed by Executive and Associate Directors.

The Executive Director has continued to work with the faculty groups, the UH administration, and legislators trying to find solutions for the housing crisis that new faculty, especially, and those currently living in UH faculty housing are facing.  Although the possibility of UH back mortgage guarantees and down-payment loans are possible, these are answers to providing affordable housing.  Some form of UH or state ownership of land and development of housing is necessary.

UHPA is already preparing for the next round of bargaining scheduled to begin in April 2008.  Faculty retirements in the next five years will place a huge strain on the ability of the institution to replace these faculty members.  Housing and salaries will certainly be priority issues.



Treasurer Ming-Bao Yue reported the expenditures that have affected the budget this past month. Directors passed a motion to receive the financial report for the fiscal period ending January 31, 2007 and to refer that report to the Finance Committee.



Chair Karla Hayashi reported that the Collective Bargaining Committee met in January.  They agreed to a series of questions that will be put out to UHPA members through the website.  The first set of questions will go up the week of February 26 and remain available for two weeks.  New questions will rotate every two weeks. The responses will be gathered by the Collective Bargaining Committee and used in preparation for the next round of negotiations.



Directors considered two cases—one was an appeal to arbitration recommended by the Grievance Committee and the other an appeal to arbitration recommended by legal counsel.  Directors did not pass the motion by the Grievance Committee.  Directors passed the motion to appeal a UH-Hilo faculty member’s case to arbitration based on Article XVIII.



Chair Tom Jackson shared the list of critical bills that are being monitored by Radcliffe and Associates for UHPA.  Directors were informed and encouraged to view these on UHPA’s website.

The Legislative Committee informed Directors that on March 14 Human Rights’ Day will be celebrated at the State Capitol.  Representative Lyla Berg is actively involved as are other legislators.  Directors unanimously passed a motion to participate in the Human Rights and Quality of Life Day on March 14 and to approve expenditures up to $500 for tee shirts and a banner that will come from the Special Services Account.



1.  Committee Appointments

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointment of Amarjit Singh (UH-Manoa) as a member of the Collective Bargaining Committee

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Nina Buchanan (UH-Hilo), Joel Fischer (UH-Manoa), B. Jeannie Lum (UH-Manoa), Earl Nakahara (Honolulu CC), Francis-Dean Uchima (Hawaii CC),  and Richard Nettell (UH-Manoa) as members of the Grievance Committee.

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointments of Belinda Aquino (UH-Manoa), James Cartwright (UH-Manoa), Joseph Chernisky (Leeward CC), Robert A. Fox (UH-Hilo), James McFarland (Kauai CC), Barry Nakamura (Leeward CC), Duane Stevens (UH-Manoa), Elizabeth Tam (UH-Manoa), and Francis-Dean Uchima (Hawaii CC)  as members of the Legislative and Political Action Committees.

Directors unanimously passed a motion to confirm the appointment of Adrienne Valdez (UH-West Oahu) as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Special Projects.

The above appointments begin their terms immediately, which will end on August 31, 2007.

2.  Proposed Conflict of Interest Policy for UHPA Employees and Consultants

A motion was made to have a new conflict of interest policy for UHPA employees and consultants; however, it did not pass.

3.  Faculty Representative Appointment

A motion was made to appoint a Faculty Representative for Primary Academic Unit 087, which is for the College of Education at UH-Manoa.  Directors, however, deferred action until clarification is made on the individual’s home campus as there is another faculty member with the same name at Kauai Community College.