Survey Results

These are the results of the first six surveys conducted in 2007.  The poll was sent to approximately 3,000 members which generated a 31% average response rate.

The committee will review all of the results. 

Poll Results #1-6

Included are the poll results from Questions #1 -6.  The Collective Bargaining Committee will be reviewing the results. 


Mahalo to Danny Carvalho, Jon Osorio, and Randy Borden for help with PBS Sponsorship

Our new televised commercial credit, which appears before and after each of these programs, is accompanied by slack key prodigy Danny Carvalho’s rendition of “Hawaiian Soul” by Jon Osorio and Randy Borden.  We’d like to express our mahalo to Danny for allowing us to use this excerpt from his CD “On My Way.”

UHPA To Challenge “ERS” Pension Calculation

Under the current State of Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System, faculty members who receive compensation for teaching classes for summer session or the extension program (Outreach College) and from grants or special projects conducted during “non-duty period” times do not have those salaries used in the calculation of the defined benefit pension.  We believe that those salary payments should be included in determining a faculty member’s “high three” salaries for the purpose of the retirement pension calculation.

UHPA will begin by petitioning the ERS to have corrections made in the calculation of individual retirement benefits that did not include summer, extension, or grant compensation.  We are seeking faculty members who would fall in the following groups.

a)  UHPA unit members recently retired (with retirement already computed), and unit members about to retire (with an active interest in how much retirement is available),

b) current unit members who did earn or are earning salaries during the summer or other off duty periods, from either Summer Sessions, extension teaching, or grants and special projects that created additional income beyond base salary.


As to both groups a) and b), we seek, 1) those who remained in the original ERS contributory plan and 2) those who moved or were hired into the non-contributory plan.

The petitioners, of course, would need to be able to show salary earnings during the summer or non-duty over a number of years.  This can be done with the UH Personnel form, the annual PNF, and personal tax records including W-2s. 

The facts of an individual’s case would have to demonstrate that including these “overload” salaries would make a difference in the calculation of their ERS pension.

Persons who have been incorrectly denied ERS payments may collect interest on amounts not correctly finalized 6 months after retirement.  HRS 88-74.5.

If you are willing to be a named participant in the petition, please contact UHPA’s attorney, T. Anthony Gill, at the Gill & Zukeran firm. Their general email address is

Response Letter from US Senator Inouye & US Representative Abercrombie

The Senate will oppose the efforts of the U.S. Dept. of Education to change the accreditation process for colleges and universities.  On June 20th, Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings announced to Senator James Alexander that her department…”will not publish proposed regulations regarding accreditation…”

Spellings has backed off this proposal as a direct result of the efforts of colleges and universities administrations, accreditation associations, and faculty organizations.  The university community “just said no” to the Bush Administration’s push to control the outcomes of post-secondary education and the current US Congress has responded.

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June 2007 Board Notes


Directors met with Attorney Jeffrey Piper for an update concerning the compliance of UHPA’s Constitution and By-Laws with the State’s not-for-profit laws.  After several meetings with Attorneys Jeff Piper and T. Anthony Gill, which included looking at alternative routes, the Executive Committee has agreed with legal counsel to amend its Constitution and By-Laws.  The Constitution will be replaced with Articles of Incorporation and some of the language that was in the Constitution will be merged with the By-Laws.  Directors reviewed the drafts that were proposed by Attorney Piper.  Since this is a complex undertaking, it has been recommended that the Board of Directors sincerely consider what language they wish included.  They plan to discuss this further at their next meeting.


NEA Director Sally Pestana attended the Spellings’ Commission Northwest Summit in June.  Other attendees included President McClain and UH Regent Landon.  U.S. Department of Education Under Secretary Tucker and three DOE staff members facillitated the meeting. 

The Spellings’ Commission Report calls for sweeping changes in the areas of higher education affordability, accessibility and accountability.  Positive potential changes include simplification of the FAFSA form, earlier notification to high school students of their FAFSA results and increased federal student financial aid.

Director Pestana raised the troubling issue of using the No Child Left Behind program as a model for increased accountability in higher education.  The U.S. DOE staff firmly rebuffed the idea that NCLB will be used as a template.  They went on to say that the U.S. DOE has no interest in standardized tests and other facets of NCLB.

Many more details regarding the six regional summits can be found at:



President Mary Tiles reported on the UH Board of Regents’ meeting that was held at UH-West Oahu.  The University’s biennium budget showed a $26.4 million increase for the first year and a $27.3 million increase for the second year in its operating funds.  Much of the CIP funding went for the UH-West Oahu campus at Kapolei.



Treasurer Ming-BaoYue reported that UHPA is in its ninth month of the fiscal year.  Overall the organization has a very good financial standing.  She reported the expenses that occurred since they last met.  Directors passed a motion to receive the financial report for the fiscal period ending May 31, 2007 and to refer that report to the Finance Committee.



For the past year, UHPA has sponsored the PBS program that includes the Lehrer News Hour and Charlie Rose.  The station has offered a new option beginning in July, which was recommended by the Executive Committee.  Directors passed the motion to sponsor PBS Hawaii’s package C that includes the Lehrer News Hour, Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers Journal, The War (re World War II), and Outreach

To comply with the State’s Insurance Division, Directors passed a resolution that appoints and designates the Insurance Commissioner of Hawaii as the agent to receive service of process or legal insurance documents per Hawaii Revised Statutes 431K-7 and designates J. N. Musto as the contact person to whom legal documents or process against the UHPA shall be forwarded by the Insurance Commissioner of Hawaii.   The resolution was necessary since UHPA has changed one of its insurance carriers.

President Tiles reported that Alan Hirota of AES Design, the architects working on UHPA’s structural modifications, met with Executive Committee members.  He provided an update and reported that it will be another six months before permitting is completed and construction work can start.

Since there were no nominations for the UH-Manoa Social Sciences, Social Work, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Arts and Science constituency and the Board seat remained unfilled, Directors unanimously approved the appointment of Nandita Sharma, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Sociology at UH-Manoa, as Director for that constituency until the next annual election.



Directors met in executive session to consider the report of the Grievance Committee.  Chair Michael Mottl presented six tenure denial cases.  Directors approved the appeal of all six tenure denial cases to hearing officers.  Directors also passed a motion to ask the UHPA staff to prepare a letter to all Chancellors, specifically on the two issues discussed during executive session, informing them of the need to have DPCs and/or TPRCs trained on the tenure review process.



Directors unanimously passed the motion to approve the budget for FY07-08 as presented by the Finance Committee at the May 12, 2007 meeting.



Directors unanimously passed the motion to appoint Dr. Ellen Hoffman as the Faculty Representative for PAU 086 and Daniel Wetter as the Faculty Representative for PAU 015 effective immediately.  Their terms as Faculty Representative will end on May 31, 2009.


It was announced that the ILWU was having a solidarity rally on June 18 at the Pacific Beach Hotel, whose employees have been negotiating for the last 16 months for their first contract. 

Notice to Bargaining Unit 07 Members

A notice to all BU07 Members were mailed to individual addresses with the following information from the EUTF office:

The UHPA initiated communication with the State regarding implementation of Article XXII, Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund Employer Contribution amounts, of the UHPA collective bargaining agreement. The EUTF has been notified by the Office of Collective Bargaining that the State agrees to pay for members of bargaining unit 7 the highest dollar amount contribution per month that is being paid for any other bargaining unit for the comparable health insurance plan coverage. There are two plans where the HSTA employer contribution is higher than the EUTF employer contribution: the Kaiser comprehensive plan and the EUTF (HMSA) supplemental plan (for self and family, not two-party). The result is that the EUTF has adjusted employer and employee contributions for BU 07 members enrolled in those two plans as shown on the next page.

The EUTF Board of Trustees has authorized a special open enrollment to permit changes due to the revised information regarding employer contributions. Members of BU 07 who wish to change their open enrollment selection (effective 7/1/07) to enroll in either the Kaiser comprehensive plan or the EUTF (HMSA) supplemental plan should follow the procedure below. The deadline for submitting the enrollment change (EC 1) form is July 25, 2007. For questions or assistance, contact the EUTF office at 586-7390 or toll free 1-800-295-0089.

Procedure for changing plan enrollment:

1) Print and complete the EC-1 form.

2) Take the completed form and this letter to your personnel office.

3) Request your personnel office to sign the form and fax the signed form to the EUTF at 586-2320 by deadline noted above.

4) Your enrollment deductions will be adjusted retroactively to July 1, 2007.


 All Bargaining Units(Except BU 07 & BU 12)

BU 07 Only

Self Only



Two Party






Self Only



Two Party






Self Only



Two Party






Self Only



Two Party







Health Insurance Premiums Revised for BU 07 Members

On June 14, 2007 Executive Director Musto received a letter from OCB Chief Negotiator Marie C. Laderta advising us about the State’s position on the necessary rate adjustment for BU07 members.  This has lowered monthly premium rates for the Kaiser Comprehensive Plan and the EUTF (HMSA) Supplemental Plan (self & family plans only).  For those already enrolled in these plans, the Employer-Union Trust Fund (EUTF) staff will work to ensure that the premium revisions are made prior to the 7/13/07 payroll.  In addition, the EUTF Board has authorized a special open enrollment for BU 07 members who want to enroll or change to one of these plans as a result of the revised employer/employee contributions.  The dates for this special open enrollment have not been set yet, but we will inform the faculty through an individual mailing as soon as the information is available.